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RECENT WINNERS: Amir S has won £62.10 on LoteriaNacionalExtra    Vladimir M has won €60.00 on LoteriaNacionalExtra    Mirco Roberto R has won €60.00 on LoteriaNacionalExtra    Anant W has won $102.80 on LoteriaNacionalExtra    Steve R has won €60.00 on LoteriaNacionalExtra    Nadim C has won £74.50 on LoteriaNacionalExtra    Mohammad Ali N has won £74.50 on LoteriaNacionalExtra    Lajos G has won €36.15 on LaPrimitiva    Johan K has won €90.00 on LoteriaNacionalExtra    Leonids G has won €90.00 on LoteriaNacionalExtra    Warwick B has won £59.78 on Powerball    Kristoffer S has won €31.00 on UKLottery    Csepecz E has won €90.00 on LoteriaNacionalExtra    Jaroslav J has won €332.74 on SuperEnaMax    Boleslaw M has won €31.00 on UKLottery    Richard Ian S has won £276.00 on SuperEnaMax    Davindranath M has won $43.00 on UKLottery    Hilleyla S has won £78.00 on UKLottery    Luz Maria A has won $123.30 on LoteriaNacionalExtra    Gert O has won £74.50 on LoteriaNacionalExtra    Maciej G has won €37.29 on LaPrimitiva    Leon V has won £59.50 on Powerball    Mohammad Ali N has won £74.50 on LoteriaNacionalExtra    Mohamad F has won £74.50 on LoteriaNacionalExtra    Gjon M has won €60.00 on LoteriaNacionalExtra    Charles C has won £49.70 on LoteriaNacionalExtra    Csepecz E has won €90.00 on LoteriaNacionalExtra    Joan H has won €31.00 on UKLottery    Roland F has won €60.00 on LoteriaNacionalExtra    Amesh H has won £49.70 on LoteriaNacionalExtra    Maciej G has won €31.00 on UKLottery    Balbir S has won $293.00 on UKLottery    Christo D has won £74.50 on LoteriaNacionalExtra    Christo P has won £49.70 on LoteriaNacionalExtra    Frans B has won £74.50 on LoteriaNacionalExtra    Peo B has won €60.00 on LoteriaNacionalExtra    Sebouh B has won £49.70 on LoteriaNacionalExtra    Christo D has won £74.50 on LoteriaNacionalExtra    Anthony E has won £277.00 on SuperEnaMax    Zana R has won £74.50 on LoteriaNacionalExtra    Welcome M has won £59.78 on Powerball    Carlos L has won €90.00 on LoteriaNacionalExtra    Naeem K has won £56.00 on UKLottery    Richard S has won €90.00 on LoteriaNacionalExtra    Boleslaw M has won €31.00 on UKLottery    Sukram P has won $42.00 on UKLottery    Jesus G has won $42.00 on UKLottery    Paul N has won $461.00 on SuperEnaMax    Warren F has won $42.00 on UKLottery    Christoffer H has won €65.00 on EuroMillions    Ian D has won £276.00 on SuperEnaLotto    Csepecz E has won €60.00 on LoteriaNacionalExtra    Miro D has won €182.00 on UKLottery    Sukram P has won $82.20 on LoteriaNacionalExtra    Dawid K has won €1016.10 on FranceLoto    Piotr D has won €90.00 on LoteriaNacionalExtra    Ahmed A has won £74.50 on LoteriaNacionalExtra    Joan H has won €31.00 on UKLottery    Andrew W has won £49.70 on LoteriaNacionalExtra    Simona B has won €60.00 on LoteriaNacionalExtra    Beata L has won €75.00 on LoteriaNacionalExtra    Matthew S has won £348.00 on SuperEnaMax    Mohammad Ali N has won £49.70 on LoteriaNacionalExtra    Mohammad Ali N has won £49.70 on LoteriaNacionalExtra    Aleksandr A has won €75.00 on LoteriaNacionalExtra    Kurt H has won £94.32 on EuroMillions    Nikolai K has won €31.00 on UKLottery    David B has won $102.80 on LoteriaNacionalExtra    Kago M has won £74.50 on LoteriaNacionalExtra    Mohammad Ali N has won £74.50 on LoteriaNacionalExtra    Doug C H has won £150.00 on UKLottery    Paulo M has won $42.00 on UKLottery    Plonka L has won €31.00 on UKLottery    Turid Anne Marie T has won €60.00 on LoteriaNacionalExtra    Bryan B has won £74.50 on LoteriaNacionalExtra    Sukram P has won $81.22 on ElGordo    Sukram P has won $42.00 on UKLottery    Gjon M has won €75.00 on LoteriaNacionalExtra    Rob T has won £174.00 on UKLottery    Giovanni Aa C has won £74.50 on LoteriaNacionalExtra    Christian T has won €90.00 on LoteriaNacionalExtra    Yvonne M has won €95.00 on UKLottery    Robert J has won €60.00 on LoteriaNacionalExtra    Mohammad Ali N has won £74.50 on LoteriaNacionalExtra    Olorunfemi A has won £49.70 on LoteriaNacionalExtra    Andrew U has won €31.00 on UKLottery    
Lottery Jackpot Time/Date  
It SuperEnaMax EU  €116,000,000
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Us Powerball US  $150,000,000
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Europeanunion EuroMillions EU  €57,000,000
Play now
Us SuperLottoPlus US  $53,000,000
Play now
Us MegaMillions US  $48,000,000
Play now
Es LaPrimitiva EU  €24,300,000
Play now
Europeanunion EuroJackpot EU  €15,000,000
Play now
It SuperEnaLotto EU  €15,000,000
Play now
Fr FranceLoto EU  €11,000,000
Play now
Gb UKLottery UK  £6,700,000
Play now
Es ElGordo EU  €7,500,000
Play now
Au OzPowerball US  $5,600,000
Play now
Br MegaSena US  $2,200,000
Play now
Au OzLotto US  $1,800,000
Play now
Raffle Draw size Time/Date  
Es LoteriaNacionalExtra EU  €84,000,000
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Playing Hot Jackpots

Two of our favourite dynamo lotteries will be competing for the limelight this week – the UK Lotto, with a generous starting jackpot worth £2.2 million and the highly anticipated EuroMillions, which after having rolled since the epic claim of April Fools’ Day has grown to a staggering €50 million. You still have time to play for the mammoth EuroMillions jackpot, but make haste with entering the UK Lotto – their starting jackpot is one of the highest offered in our selection of international lotteries available on and well-worth competing for.

Winners Of Fortune

When the fortune cookie was introduced to the United States in the early 20th century, the Japanese who popularized them never imagined their cracker-type snacks' name would possess a self-fulfilling prophecy. A surprising number of lottery enthusiasts all over the world have used their fortunes found in their takeaway Chinese boxes to play in big international lottery and won jackpot prizes in the multimillions! The lotteries we offer here on are sure to keep you just as much on your toes – awarding unpredictable and exciting cash prizes to lucky players from all around. So who have some of these fortunate winners been? Let’s take a look at some of their stories.

A Holiday To Remember

One of the favourite things we all love daydreaming about usually starts off with the following innocently hopeful statement: “One day when I win the lottery…” This is usually followed by exactly what we’d love to do with our lottery millions. Some may have noble causes such as making charitable donations to an establishment of their choice; while others may opt to offer family members financial assistance, ranging from cash right through to purchasing brand new homes. Others still may instead opt to lead a glamorous lifestyle, the type we usually only read about in the tabloids – the more excessive, the better!

Most Expensive Cars 2014

Play the UK Lotto in time for the draw scheduled for Saturday night – there’s an incredible jackpot prize worth £9.2 million on offer! This year has brought on a throng of UK Lotto jackpot winners, but for the past couple of draws no one has managed to match all 6 main winning numbers plus the Bonus ball. However, this jackpot is due for a win so take advantage of the opportunity while you still can.

The Millionaire’s Guide to England Living

It’s been a truly big year for the UK National Lottery – with a winning streak every Saturday night of the draw event that resulted in a jackpot winner every Saturday for weeks and the latest jackpot winner from Wednesday’s draw, it’s turning out to be a very lucrative first quarter for the Lottery UK. Make sure your entries are in for the exciting draw this coming Saturday night – you may even have Lady Luck smile upon you and make lotto news with a jackpot prize.

London Life of Lucre

It’s been another winning weekend for the UK Lotto! This Saturday night dished out £1,558,848.00 in jackpot prizes to 4 different entries, and a further 11 ticket holders won £34,686.00 each in the second tier prize category! The UK Lotto is definitely worth playing because of all the incredible jackpot prizes of the past few weeks, with a winner every Saturday night for the past ten draws – get your entries in for Wednesday’s draw and your chance at the handsome jackpot and secondary prizes.

The PlayUKLottery website is an online ticket agent offering you digitally-tracked entries into some of the most popular lottery games in the world. You can find links to access all the major lotteries online so you have the world’s lottery games at your fingertips.

This page contains information regarding upcoming lottery games - you can stay informed, purchase your tickets and have a chance to win big prizes! Recent changes have been made to the UK National Lottery, which makes it all the more tempting to get involved. Jackpot prizes are expected to rise by 22% to £5million on Saturdays and 14%, a cool £2.5m on Wednesdays.

Prizes for matching just three numbers will increase by 150%, from £10 to £25.  

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