UK Lotto Prize Money Set to Expire 15 May, 2017

The National Lottery is currently urging UK Lottery players to double check their uk lotto tickets or run the risk of losing out on one of two £1 million prizes which needs to be claimed by close of business on the 15th May, 2017.

The winning UK Lotto entries were purchased in Southwark and North Lanarkshire in November last year and are set to expire today.

The first ticket

The first UK Lotto ticket that will expire in just a few hours is the Millionaire Raffle prize won in Southwark. The ticket was purchased in the London borough on Wednesday 16th November 2016.  The lucky ticket matched the winning code PINK 7016 6708. 

The second ticket

The second ticket that to date has still gone unclaimed prize was purchased in North Lanarkshire for the draw that took place on Wednesday 23rd November last year.  This ticket successfully matched the code AQUA 4641 7399.  This particular Lotto ticket has until Monday 22nd May to claim the win.

Andy Carter, the National Lottery’s Senior Winners’ Advisor, had this to say to uk lottery players who think or know that they bought lotto tickets for the draws in question:

“Try checking in the pockets of clothing, in wallets, bags and down the back of the sofa – someone out there could literally be sitting on a fortune! He said. “We have the champagne on ice and our fingers crossed that the lucky winner comes forward to claim their win.”

Where do lottery winners hide their lotto tickets, pirites stashing lottery win

Where do lottery winners hide their lotto tickets?

For online lottery players who haven’t had their dose of chuckles today yet, let’s take a look at where lottery winners hide their winning lotto tickets until they are good and ready to claim their life-changing lottery wins.

Let’s face it, playing the lottery online has its fair share of lotto thrills, but the minute you actually realise that you’ve hit the big one – you freak out. Some lotto players are however so insecure that they can’t even trust their own shadows with their winning lottery tickets!

Imagine that you bought a ticket and a day later you found out that you won, what are you going to do? Claim it immediately or wait and be smart?

The wise move would be to wait a bit, let the dust settle and above all else find a financial advisor to equip you with the best possible advice to make sure you make the best possible decisions with your new found wealth.

Here are some of the funniest places to hide your winning lottery ticket:

Freeze It!

We’re not talking about freezing the moment that you realise that you’ve won the jackpot, but rather hide your winning lottery ticket in the freezer. Yep, that’s what some lottery winners have actually done. All we can say is, we hope they wrapped it up carefully to avoid it getting too much moisture. Even though it’s a dicey move, no one’s ever going to doubt that there’s a ticket inside a bowl of frozen veggies.

Hide the lotto ticket in your underwear or sock drawer

While quite a few ladies instinctively hide their winning lottery ticket in their bra, men on the other hand opt for the sock draw.

“M” is for money

Hiding your winning lottery ticket in the Dictionary under “M’s” actually not such a bad idea. After all now that you are a Millionaire, your life will undoubtedly change quite a lot and hey, “M” does after all stand for “money” too, and it’s quite easy to remember where you hid the ticket.

It’s a dog’s life

Hiding a multi-million Dollar, Euro or Pound winning lottery ticket in the dog’s bed is utterly ridiculous! But there have been cases where lottery winners have actually done so. Luckily for them their pooch didn’t find it and start tearing it up in pure delight.

Hide It in the Garbage Bag

If you thought that hiding the lottery ticket in the dog’s bed was bad, try hiding your life-changing lotto ticket in the garbage! Blimey. And yet, not only are lottery players doing so, but a few of them have also accidently tossed the multi-million ticket away. Luckily a few have cottoned on and double checked the lottery ticket again, realising their massive mistake in the nick of time.


Hiding the lottery ticket in your smelly laundry’s not too bad. As long as you remember it’s there. No one wants to smell a week load of stuff to uncover a gem!

Hide It behind the Sofa

Sofa’s – they have the ability to suck in just about anything; biscuits, car keys, remotes, sweets, popcorn. So why not a winning lottery ticket? It’s not like anyone’s going to stick their hands down the sofa amongst all that junk thinking there’s £20 million (that you could win this Wednesday on the UK Lottery) down there.

Hide It in a Tea Pot

Statistically speaking, robbers hardly ever look in places which are in plain sight. So if you have a tea pot on a shelf or a standing around in the kitchen, pop the ticket in there and hopefully no one will ever guess.

For those lottery players who still buy lottery tickets from a shop, we would like to remind you that the first thing you need to do is sign the back of the ticket immediately with your full name, address, plus phone number. This way no one else can claim the ticket.

If you only buy lottery ticket online, then you will no doubt be thanking your lucky stars that you don’t have to go through all of this, and claiming your win is even easier!

If you haven’t won a huge Lotto prize yet, don’t fret, as you have not only one but various international lotto games at your fingertips, like this Tuesday’s gigantic €505 million SuperEna Max jackpot and EuroMillions which rolled over yet again on Friday night to a massive €97 million, Wednesday’s $204 million US Powerball, and of course your favourite UK Lottery boasting a rather big £20 million jackpot.

This is just one of the many reasons to play the lotto online with – you never have to worry about losing your ticket!

Best of luck!

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