Lotto Games: More Choices, More Draws And More Money

What’s new in the world on lotteries? The answer is: more. More of everything. More money, like we just saw in the American lotteries, when Powerball rolled over to $758 million, more draws, and of course more variety. Stay with us as we delve into what’s hot, what not, and what you have to look forward to in the land on online lotteries…

Let's begin at the beginning, with Lotto.  Play the lottery is still the most enjoyed form of trying your luck using your lucky numbers.

Play the lottery online


When playing the world oldest number game, most games comprise of six numbers drawn between a set range of numbers. 

Lottery enthusiasts then pick six numbers by marking the numbered squares on a play slip, or if they are playing online, then by clicking on the various numbers on the screens playblock.

Once the six lucky numbers are have selected, the player then either takes the lottery slip to the lotto terminal, which produces your game ticket.  When playing the lottery online, all you have to do is click the confirm button, pay for your entries and viola. Done. From there it’s up to Lady Luck to make the magic happen.

In the event of a win (big or small), the lottery ticket is the official receipt and must be presented and validated in the event of a win. You can buy lottery tickets in convenience stores, gas stations, and grocery stores.

If you wish to buy a lottery ticket for a lottery that’s not in the country you are in, you can do so online. There are various online lottery ticket concierge websites which offer just about every international lotto game around.  The beauty of playing the lottery online is firstly the total convenience of purchasing a ticket without leaving your home, or via your smartphone anytime time, anywhere.  Claiming a win couldn’t be any easier either, as you will automatically receive a notification of the win either once you have logged in to your online account, via email, and telephonically if it’s a substantial win.

 LOTTERY  PRIZE TIERS  BALL SET                             
US Powerball 9 5 from 69 & 1 from 26 $40,000,000 $1,6 billion Wed & Sat
Mega Millions 9 5 from 75 & 1 from15 $15,000,000 $656,000,000 Tues & Fri
EuroMillions 13 5 from 50 & 2 from 12 €17,000,000 €190,000,000 Tues & Fri
EuroJackpot 12 5 from 50 & 2 from 0 €10,000,000 €90,000,000 Fri
SuperEnaLotto 6 6 from 90 €1,300,000 €177,700,00 Tues, Thurs, Sat
UK Lottery 6 6 from 59 Wed-£2.5m,Sat-£5m £161,653,000 Wed & Sat
Oz Powerball 8 6 from 40 & 1 from20 3,000,000 AUD $80,000,000 Thurs
Oz Lotto 7 7 from 45 2,000,000 AUD $111,972,151 Tues
El Gordo 9 5 from 54 & 1 from 9 €5,000,000 €33 Million Sun
FranceLoto 9 5from 49 & 1 from10 €2,000,000 €24,000,000 Mon, Wed, Sat
La Primitiva 7 6 from 49 €5,000,000 €98.440.117 Thurs & Sat
Lotto6Aus49 9 6 from 49 & 1 from 9 Wed-€1m, Sat-€3m €45,382,458 Wed & Sat
MegaSena 3 6 from 60 R$2,000,000 R$205.329.753.54 Wed & Sat

Lotto draws

Most lotteries, like the UK Lottery, US Powerball, and Lotto6aus49 and Mega Sena take place on Saturday’s and Wednesday’s, as this just seemed the norm when lotto games first started out. Since then, newer lotto games like the EuroMillions and EuroJackpot decided to stand out and have their own draw days on Tuesdays and Friday’s. This was great, as it gave online lottery players partaking in lotto games all over the world the chance to enjoy playing the lottery during the course of the whole week!  Of course, there are other lotteries who did the same, and now there’s a lotto draw for just about every day of the week.


Various types of lotto draw machines are used to pop, drop or shoot the winning numbered lotto balls out. If all the required lotto numbers for that particular lotto game exactly match the numbers drawn, you win the jackpot. The winning lotto balls popping out during the draw, don't need to be listed in any particular order, as long as they match those drawn. If more than one lotto entry correctly pick the six numbers, the winners split the prize money. If no one wins the jackpot, the prize money rolls over and the jackpot becomes increasingly larger. Naturally, the larger the jackpot, the more and more people buy lottery tickets.

For those who have ever played the Powerball lottery, or the Mega Millions lottery, you will have seen the jackpots not only increase tremendously, but you would also have been privy to see the jackpots acutally jump, before the actual draw even took place. This is due to the fact that the ticket sales for that particular draw increased the pot.

Quick Picks

For lottery players who either just don't have the time to sit, work out, or decide which lucky numbers will hurl themselves out the lotto machine, or they just don't really give a damn, simply playing a Quickpick (computer-generated random numbers) is by far the best option.

Instead of filling out a play slip, or getting your curser lined up to your lucky number, you could simply opt for the quickpick, and be issued with a ticket comprising of randomly generated numbers.

Considering the convenience of Quick Picks, why do players bother to pick their own numbers? Many players believe their "system" - whatever it may be - gives them an edge. And who knows? Maybe they're right. Besides, picking your own numbers is part of the fun of lottery games.

Instant Win Games and Scratch off games

Another way to win money and fast, is by playing instant win and scratch-off games. Unlike the lottery, these games don't involve picking numbers and can be purchased at any time on lottery websites like

Instant win games

The popularity of "scratch-offs" is due to several reasons. First, the games are colorful and fun to play. Second, a player doesn't need to pick numbers or fill out a play slip. And finally, there's no waiting - just scratch and see how much money pops up!

With a few exceptions, the top prizes on instant tickets are much lower than lottery jackpots, but these interactive games not only give you loads of fun, but you can win money at the same time. In saying so, did you know that you could win up to £250,000. That's still a huge prize!

Mega Millions changes in October

Come October, 2017 the Mega Millions lottery will once again be introducing further rule changes, which will no doubt make the game not only more fun to play, but will also make it a lot easier for you to win brand new jackpot records!

October 2017 Mega Millions changes:

Bigger and Better Prizes
Better odds for second tier prizes
Third tier prize pay-outs will increase
The number of Mega Balls will increase

Here at we have a wide variety of exciting lotto games, intant win games, and scratch-off games you can play for prizes ranging between a few dollars, euros and pounds up to millions!

Give them all a try and soon you could be scooping massive prizes on these fun and intriguing games!

Best of luck!

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