After Pranking His Fiancé For Years, He Actually Wins The Lottery

Some say, “A prank a day, keeps the blues away.”  Lee Davies, 27, definitely had this in mind over the years, frequently pranking his fiancé that he just won the lottery. Until of course, one day, he actually did win the lottery…

After years of pranking his wife, Lee Davies had to literally spend hours trying to convince his fiancé that this time he wasn’t joking about winning the lotto.

After not buying a lottery ticket for just over two years, Davies said that he felt an “unexplainable urge” to buy a scratchcard. So he did.

With Lady Luck smiling down on the mischievous prankster, he matched three symbols to scoop the £100k prize. Just like most lotto winners, Davies immediately told his fiancé, Carryann Copestick, 26, about the unbelievably good news. She wasn’t having any of it though, and it was only after Davies rang Camelot, that she was finally stunned to hear that the lotto win was confirmed.

A dream come true

The happy couple said that they were now finally in a financial position, thanks to the scratch card win, to tie the knot. Something they have wanted to do for quite some time. They told lottery officials that they now plan to make the wedding dream a reality and take a trip to Tenerife and splash out on a big 500 guest wedding next year.

The rest of the lucky scratchcard lotto prize will be put towards a honeymoon in Spain, a new house and a Wolves season ticket for lifelong fan Lee.

“It’s an absolute dream come true, it really is.

“We’ve been planning on getting married for years now, but we’ve always wanted to try and save up for the dream wedding that Carryann has always wanted.

“We’d been setting aside £100 or so a month for as long as I can remember, and were hoping that we’d have enough to make it all possible.

“But now this win changes everything, and it means we can effectively pay for the wedding upfront.”

Davies continues saying, “I used to buy the scratchcards quite often, but I hadn’t for two years or so. It always felt as though I would always get two matching symbols, and then wouldn’t get the third.

“I don’t know what happened on that particular day, for some reason I was just drawn to the red scratchcard.

“Almost as soon as I realised I had won the £100,000, my thoughts turned straight to the wedding.”

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