5 Habits Of Lucky Lottery Players

We’ve all heard stories about unbelievable luck. The guy who landed his dream job during a major recession or the chance meeting of a future spouse at a party someone was at purely by chance. Do these things happen because of fate or is there more to it than that?

Well, it’s a bit of both really. Their actions led them towards their luck and thus, to a certain extent, lucky and unlucky people are responsible for much of the good and the bad fortune that they encounter.

Make it your lucky day

The first step is to believe that good things will happen to you. Expectancy is a real driver. Expecting something is so much better than hoping for it and when you have an air of expectation around you. Your actions will exude confidence and attract people towards you.

Put yourself directly in lucks path by trying new things and meeting new people. Having lots of social connections increases your chances of getting great opportunities in life. Make your social net wider by breaking your daily routine. Shop at a different store; tries a new restaurant.

Don’t simply wish you won the lottery – PLAY the lottery! After all, lucky people notice these opportunities! Unlucky people don’t.

UK Lotto

Lucky people are lucky simply because they spontaneously:

  • Expect the best
  • Notice what others miss
  • Say ‘Yes’
  • Switch things up
  • Bounce back

So smell the roses, don’t take life too seriously and above all play the lottery!  You could be smiling all the way to the bank.

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