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We all love to play the lottery, but if you look a little closer, you will notice some rather interesting differences as to how these two genders go about playing the lottery.

Both men and woman have the same objective when playing the lottery – they both want to win the jackpot. Their approach, on the other hand, differs quite a lot, especially how women describe their lotto strategy and their decisions. The men might be smirking right about now, but male jackpot winners usually fail more often at looking after their lottery wins that the lovely ladies do.

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Selecting the lucky lotto numbers

The Ladies

Looking at the stats, we can see that most female lottery players take dates rather seriously, with the most played (number) date being the day they met their significant other. As the lottery is purely a game of chance, it does tend to discriminate against this kind of approach, as even if you do happen to win a lower tiered prize, you will still have to share the lotto winnings with hundreds of other lottery players. You are not the only one that has met your soul mate on that particular date.

On the upside, a lot of players who choose numbers from birthdays, anniversaries and other special days, will be pleased to know that since there are only 31 days max in any month, the numbers above 31 are not selected as often. So, if you choose and win on these higher numbers, there is less chance you will have to split your winnings with another player.

The Men

The men on the other hand are serious about increasing their chances of winning the lottery. Men more so than the fairer sex like wheeling. This is a system that works out all possible combinations of your chosen number and you pick all the potential outcomes that can arise from these sets of numbers. For example, if you have eight numbers that you like to play regularly and you’re playing a game where you have to choose a total of six numbers (e.g. five plus a bonus ball) then wheeling could be a great strategy to use. The strategy here has a double bonus to players that use the system. If all the winning numbers drawn are in the group that you wheeled, not only will you win the jackpot, but you’ll also win multiple second and third level prizes.

Another popular lotto strategy amongst the men is to play hot and cold numbers. Based on this theory/strategy, there are some numbers that have a higher success rate than other numbers.

Bored yet? Yes, me too.

Of course, it’s worth a mention that in today’s fast paced lifestyle, both men and woman tend to simply buy a Quickpick. This method sees a computer automatically generating set of random lottery numbers to play. This is an ideal choice for players who struggle to decide which numbers to use, or would rather just trust Lady Luck.

An estimated 70 to 80 percent of all Powerball tickets sold are Quickpicks.

Which lottery to play


Most woman tend to play the lottery only when the jackpot is big, and surprisingly quite a few have said, “If I don’t win something in the next month I’m switching to a different lottery.” This is quite true, as most woman have a lottery portfolio with 5 or more different lotto games of all kinds, all with different rules, odds and number formats.


It usually takes quite a few years for male lottery players to change from one lottery to another. Doing so isn’t smooth sailing either, as they have to adapt to each of these lotteries to win. Different number formats, different rules, and different odds all need to be taken into account. Yes, lottery takes luck, but it also takes time and skill to overcome the challenge brought by the randomness and uncertainty.

Celebrating a lottery win

If there’s one thing that the ladies do better at – it’s dealing with a jackpot win.

While playing the lottery, men rarely express their emotions. Yes, they share the good or the bad news, but they don’t get too emotional about it.

When women win a lower tiered prize, they wear their hearts on their sleeves and burst out with joy. Which is a good thing. When it comes to dealing with a jackpot win though, they are more likely to keep this information to themselves, their family and friends. They also don’t end up throwing their entire fortune away as we’ve seen more men end up doing.

Men can become too extreme with the partying, with luxurious cars, buying gifts, etc. The ladies prefer upgrading their home, traveling, and putting away a nest egg for their children.

It’s always interesting researching the demographics of lottery play. According to a report in the Journal of Gambling Studies, a group of 5,000 Americans were randomly surveyed in two demographics.

The two groups included males and females between the ages of 14 & 21 (note that the legal gambling age for lottery play is 18). The other group were males and females over the age of 18. The studies generated the following results:

Men tend to play the lottery far more regularly than women do, with 18.7 days on average for men per year, and 11.3 days on average for women per year. These stats were taken in 2011.

The study also looked at their socioeconomic status.

In the lowest socioeconomic status it was found that this group had the highest lottery gambling propensity at 61%. This group comprised of men and women. They play the lottery on average 26.1 days in the year.

In the upper socioeconomic status group, (men and woman) played the lottery on average 10 days in 2011. An interesting fact that came out of this study is that when it comes to race disparities, black people have lower gambling rates than white people, but when it comes to lottery games, black men and women play the same amount of lottery games as white men and women.

Looking at actual lottery winners, the survey showed that out of the 34 national lottery winners, 26 winners were female (could it be those special dates?), and 8 winners were male.

The average age of the lottery winners was 46.

For those that say, ‘money can’t buy you happiness”, you should know that the survey that was conducted showed that only 2% of lottery winners were less happy after they won the lottery, 43% reported no effect on their happiness, and 55% were much happier after they won the lottery.

After winning the lottery, both sexes overwhelmingly reported positive things for their family life. For example:

• 58% of the families of lottery winners claim to be happier
• 95% of winners remained married after they won the lottery (another special date), and
• 100% of winners who were living with a partner are still living with that partner

Lottery statistics trends by Berkeley University

The following are some interesting findings that were made about lottery winners by Berkeley University, at the time that they won the lottery.

27.5% of male lottery winners were professionals, managers or proprietors, compared with 15.7% of females at the time. 23% of professionals, managers or proprietors were male and 21% were female.

Of the female lottery winners, 27.2% were in clerical sales positions, compared to 9.3% for males. 1.4% of female lottery winners at the time were involved in crafts, compared to 17% for males.

16.2% of female lottery winners were already retired, compared with 11.7% of male lottery winners.

Who Plays the Lottery More, Men or Women?

Looking at all the various studies done in this regard, the men win hands down.

55% of men are likely to play the lottery online, compared to 42% of women.

What’s more is, 18% of male lottery players would buy their tickets online, compared to 12% of women would buy their lottery tickets online.

This is the reason that when you see the lottery being advertised online, you tend to see more male orientated themes, and the main demographic is male. These various branding strategies and tactics are being employed to attract men to buy lottery tickets online.

What companies should also be doing though, is get a larger number of women interested in playing the lottery online and offline.

The study also found that people with an income of $75,000 – $100,000 were far more likely to play the lottery, at rates of 50%, while 28.6% of people earning less than $12,000 per year play the lottery.

As for male versus female statistics, men were more inclined to play the lottery than women at 41% versus 36.1%.

However, in more recent studies this stat is increasing steadily with 51% of females had played the lottery compared to 49% of males.

As we can already see, trends are changing, and females are coming into their own in terms of how much they play the lottery online. We also only have to look at the latest lottery winners worldwide to see more and more female lottery winners emerging as the Internet of things reaches ever deeper into our daily lives.

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Here’s a Win Win for everyone

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