How To Choose An Online Lottery Website

If you have been thinking of taking your first steps in playing the world’s biggest international lotto games online and you want to learn about the fun that awaits you, then we suggest you read this article as there are a vast number of online lottery websites providing the opportunity to play online. Find out how to distinguish a legitimate and secure online lotto site to that of a fictitious, or simply a scam site.

Win the lottery online

What you should check for:

Is the lottery website licensed – Before looking at the jackpot sizes, good creative and content, you should first check if the site is licensed.

Read the fine print

No matter how boring this may be, you need to read though the Terms and Conditions. Most online lottery websites have a link on the FAQ page, the Privacy Policy page, or the Terms and Condition page.

The website interface – It’s an old saying, but a “picture says a thousand words.” A good interface cannot be made in a hurry and it most definitely doesn’t come cheap.


Very important! This in an area where most prospective online lottery players do not venture into, and yet it’s so simple. Check if the domain is registered, is it protected by Google safe browsing, and does it have antivirus software etc.

Browse the web!

The easiest way to double check an online lottery website is to browse the web, and read opinions about the lottery agents.


A legitimate online lottery website will invest in a good content strategy for SEO purposes and to inform players on the latest lottery news from around the world and their own lottery announcements. Under these blog posts, you will be able to read an array of comments made from registered players on the site, giving you a whole host of reviews about the website. Customer feedback is gold!

Social media presence

Double check if the site has a social media presence. They should! This is also another brilliant way in which to double check customer feedback, enabling you to enjoy the lottery experience to the fullest. The upside to a social media presence, via Facebook, Twitter or Instagram is that you will be able to partake in their array of fun lotto giveaways at the same time!


Why not offer the biggest international lotto games and run amazing competitions at the same time? Let’s face it, people who play the lottery online, love winning, so combining a fantastic competition for simply buying lottery ticket online as per usual has got to be a win-win situation. Seasoned online lottery players here at PlayUKLottery will know by now that there are numerous annual and special event competitions that give players the chance of scooping great prizes like VIP ticket to watch the F1 Grand Prix in Monaco, or the chance to win a huge amount of free lotto tickets.

More than just a lottery

So you’ve purchased your Powerball lotto ticket, or UK Lottery ticket for the next available draw– now what? Play an instant win game of course! Why wait for the draw to take place, when you can win instant cash prizes right now? The internet’s come a long way, so legit online lottery sites should be able to offer registered players the chance to play not just the lottery, but a whole host of other games like scratch cards, instant win games, Keno, and an assortment of international raffles at the same time.

What to Consider When Choosing a Lottery

When it comes to choosing which lottery to play, online lottery players have a wealth of choice – from regional and national lotteries to overseas lotteries PLUS instant win scratch cards and raffles.  Its important online lottery players however understand these products before picking a game. Legit lottery websites will have detailed pages dedicated to each of their products available.

Instant Win Games

Online lottery players who lack the patience to wait to see if their lucky lottery numbers have come up in the next weekly draw might therefore prefer instant win games, as they provide instant gratification.

Leading online lottery websites should have these fun and highly lucrative instant win games that users can play when entering their weekly lottery draws – because there’s absolutely no reason to choose between the two!

The benefit of scratch card games is the fact that you can win instantly, as opposed to waiting for a weekly or bi-weekly draw. What’s more is, the odds of winning on a scratch card can be potentially a lot higher than winning a significant prize on a conventional lotto game. On the other hand, big international lotto games like the American Powerball and Mega Millions have considerably larger jackpots. 

Jackpot Size

As just mentioned, jackpot size is really what playing the lottery online is all about. Jackpots amounts vary significantly between lotteries. We just have to take a quick look at the various international lotto games on the home page to see the Powerball Plus $469 million, Mega Millions at $143 million, EuroMillions at €36 million, and FranceLoto at €2 million, to name just a few.

Online lottery players also need to take into consideration by how much each of these lotto games vary depending on rollovers. While some lotteries climb steadily, there are those that climb to extremely high amounts and can on occasion even jump higher depending on the amount of ticket sales during a jackpot frenzy.

The emergence of online lottery concierge services over the years has dramatically increased the size of the market as more and more lottery enthusiasts now have the opportunity to partake in the world’s biggest international lotto games not previously available to them.

When choosing a lottery product, you might consider buying lottery tickets online through a concierge to gain access to foreign lotteries with larger (and more tempting) jackpots.

Odds of Winning and Prize Tiers

Winning the jackpot however isn’t as easy as it may sound, so even though a lotto game might catch you eye with its large prize just waiting to be won, you need to also take into account the odds of hitting the jackpot in a major lottery - which are rather slim.

Here’s where a lotto strategy comes into play. While it’s absolutely justifiable to play the big lotto jackpots (you have to be in to win it) you should also take the smaller lotto games into consideration, as the odds are better and they might have more prize tiers.

As you may have noticed by now, most lotto games have a degree of similarity in that players select a core line of numbers and sometimes one or two bonus balls. Once combined they make up the set amount of lottery winning numbers required to win the jackpot.

However, not all lotteries are created equal in terms of mechanics and odds. For example:

La Primitiva

Players select 6 numbers out of 49 and are assigned a random 'Reintegro' number. Odds of winning the top prize (6 + Reintegro) are 1 in 139,838,160.


Players select 6 numbers out of 90 (and an extra Super Star number), making the odds of hitting the jackpot an unlikely 1 in 622,614,630.

UK Lottery

In the UK's Lotto, players select 6 numbers out of 59, with a bonus ball in the mix. Odds of winning the top prize (match 6 numbers) are 1 in 13,983,816.

As you can see the UK Lottery comes in with better odds than that of the European lotto games. Then again its jackpot amounts are quite significantly lower.

Once you have checked the jackpot prize and the odds, you should also check out the prize tiers when choosing which lottery to play. Although hitting the jackpot usually has very slim odds, players could stand to win a range of smaller prizes for matching three, four or five numbers in combination with bonus balls – so opting for a lottery with more prize tiers like the Mega Millions draw which has eight lower prize tiers, compared to five prize tiers in the UK Lottery, could be more lucrative to play in the long run.

Quick Picks

If you want to play the lottery but you couldn’t be bothered with all the rigmarole of jackpot amounts, odds, prize tiers, and strategies of all things, then buy a Quickpick (computer-generated random numbers) and leave it all up to Lady Luck!

Considering the convenience of Quickpicks, why then do so many lottery players prefer picking their own lottery numbers?

Well, it comes down to their own unique system and what they believe gives them the edge.

Lottery players have a whole host of different ways they choose their lottery numbers, from easy Quickpicks, birthday and anniversary dates, to playing the Lucky Horoscope Lottery Numbers which get updating with your horoscope every month on

Reasons to play the lottery online

To win the Jackpot of course!

We all have dreams of joining the rich and famous and becoming instant multi-millionaires – that’s why we love playing the lottery! But, how many times have you read our news articles about an average Joe who has just catapulted his life into immense luxury, thanks to the lottery, and you thought to yourself:

“Wow? That could have been me! If only I’d bought a ticket!”

Exactly! You can’t win the lottery if you don’t buy the ticket!

Playing the lottery is by no means hard work, and for just a few bucks you could win hundreds of millions of dollars and can turn your life around. And it can turn around not only yours, but everybody else’s in your surroundings too.

>> Start Playing the Lottery Now <<

choosing a good lottery site to play online

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In need of further information?

If there’s still something that you are unclear about, there are numerous ways of finding out about the lottery: 

Live chat – A legitimate lottery ticket buying website will have Customer Service Representatives eagerly waiting to assist you via a Live Chat functionality. Most online lottery sites will also provide this assistance in your home language.


What better way to let your customers know about the next big lotto jackpot, promotion, discount, giveaway, competition or important lottery announcement than sending out a newsletter? While most people prefer not to sign up to newsletters – you will be utterly surprised to find out that it’s most definitely in your best interest to do so!

FAQ Section

This is by far the quickest way to find out the most common answers to the lottery, and can be found on every online lottery website. Another way to find out detailed information with regards to your favourite lotto game is if you scroll down on the Play Page. Here you will find out draw days, how to play, history of the game and various other information about the lottery in question. This offers a gold mine of information. Here you can discover the legal age to play, games (existing and upcoming), instant games (usually with graphics), odds, playing instructions, times and dates of drawings, and drawing results (some extending several months into the past). You may also read about new winners and learn how to collect your prize money.

How to Play Page

This handy page gives online lottery players a step by step guide on how to play, from registration right through to claiming your winnings.


Have questions? We have the answers. Just like the Live Chat option, you will receive answers to any question from our highly experienced Customer Service Representatives.

If you want us to put you on the winning path, our PlayUKLottery advisors have the knowledge and expertise to do so and with over 20 years’ experience in the online lottery ticketing buying industry, is definitely the best online lottery concierge website!

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