Scratch Card Winners Celebrate By Mowing A Champagne Bottle Into Their Lawn

What do you do when you’re a keen gardener and you won the lottery? You mow an image of a champagne bottle in your lawn of course!

Sue Richards and Barry Maddox, from Billericay, Essex won £3 million on a National Lottery scratch card two years ago. Now that they have bought the home of their dreams, they are still celebrating the uk lotto win, realising that without it they would not have such a huge garden for garden enthusiast Barry to enjoy.

Lottery winners mow champagne bottle in lawn

As they have previously been known to mow Wimbledon stripes and a chequerboard design in their lawn, friends of theirs challenged them to mow the bottle of champagne. Challenge accepted Maddox set out to create a picture of a champagne bottle flowing into a glass.

Ms Richards said a man they nicknamed Mr Lawn helped them with the champagne designs, and it took Mr Maddox and Mr Lawn three days to mow the masterpiece using three varieties of lawnmower and scissors of varying sizes.

“It’s bigger than what I expected but it’s amazing,” said Ms Richards.

“It’s come out really nice.

“Neighbours can see it as we’re in a converted bungalow and there are two-storey houses next door.

“I wouldn’t be surprised if the neighbours beyond that have seen it.”

Lotto numbers in the pool

It’s not the first time that we’ve seen lottery winners ‘lottorize’ their homes.

In 1998 Roy Gibney won £7.4-million on the lottery. To celebrate his huge lotto win he bought a palatial new home near Grimsby. The stunning stately home includes a beautiful mature woodland with private walkways and a lake. One thing it also has going for it is a huge inside pool. It’s in this pool that Roy added his winning lottery numbers to remind him of his lucky lottery win.

Lottery fountain

Sean Lloyd won £1.8million shortly after he found a lucky penny in the street. Since then he’s built a 'special coin' wishing well tribute in his back garden. Sean wanted to have a permanent reminder of his good fortune, while giving others the chance to strike rich at the same time. What better way than to immortalise his lucky penny into a wishing well. The dad-of-four, said, “It’s the first thing I see every morning when I wake up and open the curtains.

“I’ll be encouraging all my family and friends to throw a penny in the fountain – perhaps I can bring them luck too.”

It’s not just the wishing well that Sean dedicated a place in his home to. His fireplace is another area that showcases his lotto win, with his ceremonial winning lottery cheque, winning lotto ticket and a set of lottery balls with his lucky lotto numbers set into the fireplace.

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Our advice is to use whatever strategy you are most comfortable with. You never know what numbers will turn out to be the winning ones!

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