If You Are Not Playing The Lottery Online – You Are Missing Out!

With so many huge jackpots on offer from all around the globe, plus the fact that you can play the lottery online, thanks to the internet, the question remains... if you're not already playing a lottery online, why not?

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You have to admit, that the idea of winning a large amount of money is a pretty big incentive to play on the lotto, and buying a few lottery tickets online certainly won’t break the bank. We’re not at all saying that you should spend money if you cannot afford it. Absolutely not! You should ONLY ever play the lottery online if you CAN afford to do so.

But for some reason, even though there are millions upon millions up for grabs, some people are still living in the Stone Ages and preferring to stand in a long awkward queue for the chance to win pennies. Besides this, there are those that have never purchased a lottery ticket at all, and can’t comprehend the excitement and the thrills we get each time we win, and they go so far as to say, “you will never win.”

These individuals think as follows:

Online Lottery is Inconvenient

Although you know that playing the lottery online is by far the most convenient way to play the lottery, there are those who actually believe that registering online is inconvenient. The fact that they have to set up an account, fill in their personal information is way too time-consuming for them. You see, it all boils down to the fact that they more than likely have had little or no experience with the internet, and don’t like change.

The whole idea also seems so fake to them. It might even be the fact that the jackpots are so big, that they just don’t seem to comprehend. Over and above this, as they more than likely have had little to no experience in purchasing things online, therefore, they struggle with the idea that there are legitimate online and online lottery websites WILL pay out their lotto winnings. Sad to say, they belong to the clan than prefer to literally feel their lotto tickets in their hands. 

Online Lottery is Time Consuming and it’s Hard to Keep Track

Yes, some really do say this. Had they actually played the lotto online, they would know that keeping track of your lottery tickets and the amount spent cannot get any easier. By simply clicking on your Transaction History, online lottery players will be able to view all their transactions in a clear and concise manner. (you can even replay an old favourite lotto line right here too!) But, of course, the ‘naysayers’ prefer having loads of paper on their coffee tables at home with statistics on the past draws, their history, a detailed list of wins, their overall lottery budget, crumpled up lotto tickets and don’t forget the highlighters to mark off any matches spread about, and making it super easy to lose a winning lotto ticket.  But who are we to discourage all this and encourage them to play in an organised manner online?

“Cash is King” is what they say, and yes, there are scams out there BUT it’s pretty easy to see the difference between a scam website and a legitimate one.

As discussed on numerous times, all you have to do is see if the site looks professional, is licensed, secure, has a social media presence, ranks well, doesn’t come up in scam searches, has great reviews, offers a variety of lotto games, has a customer service department, and of course has encrypted payments.
Online lottery players are socially awkward

This one made me chuckle alright. Yes, one excuse actually mentioned is that online lottery players are lazy. They are couch potatoes who don’t like to go out. This cannot be further from the truth, as not only can you play the lottery from your smartphone while on the go, you can play bundles, spans, and rapid play.

On top of all this, online lottery players take full advantage of unique deals that are tailored to their exact transaction history – ensuring that they receive offers, promotions and discounts they actually do want, thereby saving them time and saving them money, and giving them more money to spend on getting out and about with their friends.

It’s easy to lose track of how much you spend and how much you win when you play at your local store each week. Playing the lottery online, on the other hand, gives you a complete overview of past purchases and wins and full control of your account.

Playing the lottery offline

Most gas stations and convenience stores will most likely sell many versions of the lottery. Whether its scratch cards, instant win games or lotto tickets - there is a great chance that you will be able to buy them during the day. You can even buy lotto tickets these days while buying a coffee on the way to work or when shopping on the way home. Which is great – but can you get these lotto tickets at discounted rates and enter fantastic competitions for simply purchasing a lotto entry? The answer is no.

While most people grew up buying lottery tickets in store, because they had more confidence in buying a lottery ticket face-to-face, the world has most definitely changed and taking part in the biggest international lotto games has now become the norm.

Play the lottery online

If you play a lottery online you get access to a wide range of lotteries that you can’t buy in your local store. After all, why not give yourself the chance to win $1.6 billion while you still support your local lottery.  Somebody’s going to win the jackpot at some stage – and you’re lucky lotto numbers stand just as good a chance as anyone else’s.

It is also easy to buy lotteries online, which means you save yourself time and effort.

You might have forgotten to play while you were out or the shop was closed. It may rain and you want to stay home, but still be able to participate in the upcoming draw.

If you play on a lottery online, your options are not limited to a few choices, you can play anything from American Powerball to Spanish La Primitiva, and you do not need to lift a finger.

When you play online and win, you will receive the winnings paid directly to your player account. You do not need to go to the local store and stand in a long queue to get the win, and in terms of payment options, you are spoilt for choice. You can pay for your lotteries with credit cards, web pages, bank transfer and many more.

Playing the lottery online is by far the best option, so get cracking, pick your favourite lotto game or simply the biggest jackpot right here at PlayUKLottery.com today.

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