From Sleeping On The Floor To £700,000 National Lottery Scratchcard Win

Time and time again we’ve seen some truly remarkable stories about how winning the lottery has changed someone’s life for the better. These stories are so heart-warming and far too good not to share…

Amelia Flack

The latest lottery winner, Amelia Flack from Braintree in Essex, England has been sleeping on the floor for the past six years to ensure her children have a bed to sleep in.

The 38-year-old mum has five children and sadly four of them have serious health conditions. Her eldest daughter suffers from ADHD and therefore struggles with learning new things and coping at school. Her six-year-old was born with fluid on the brain, and on top of all this she has two sons who have a form of blood cancer with one on chemotherapy as he waits for a new bone marrow.

If there was anyone who needed a break in life it’s Amelia Flack, and thankfully that’s exactly what happened.

Amelia told lottery officials that she purchased her National Lottery 777 scratch card on a whim as she left her local Tesco. It’s a good thing that Amelia did something about her whim as her lucky 2p coin caused her to win £700,000 on a National lottery 777 scratch card. 

The loving mum of five said that when she discovered that she had won £700,000 she almost went into shock. So much so that the lady at the lottery booth thought she didn’t look well and was going to get some help.

She told lottery officials while claiming her life-changing lotto win that times had been especially tough for them over the last couple of years, and that having her own bed to sleep in, thanks to the lotto prize money, will be an absolute luxury.
Her first priority is to get a new home for her family, somewhere closer to her mother. Once that has been sorted, she said she would love to take her family on their first ever holiday.

She stated thought that it won’t be an expensive holiday and that they would even be content with a caravan park holiday. All she wants is to see her children happy.
“That will be the best part of the win for me.”

Senegalese Refugee wins on El Gordo

Another rags to riches lottery story is that of a Senegalese refugee by the name of Ngame.

In 2007, Ngame and his wife were rescued by Spain’s coast guard in when their boat with about 65 people aboard was travelling from Africa to Spain’s Canary Islands.
While safely in Spain, Ngame joined a group of 35 African migrants Senegal, Mali and Morocco and they purchased El Gordo Raffle tickets.

Their numbers came up and the group won! Ngame, the Senegalese man, was in tears as he clutched a copy of his winning ticket with the number 79140.  Naturally, he was very emotional over his lotto win and thanked Spain for not only saving his life and that of his family but for also giving him the chance to play the world’s biggest and best lotto game.

"Today I thank the Spanish government, the Spaniards too," Ngame told Ondacero radio. "They saved us when we were in the middle of the sea."

When the press asked, Ngame, how he was found living in Spain, he said that life was difficult since they arrived in Almeria.  The region has a high unemployment rate and he recently just lost his job.

Luckily for Ngame, the world is his oyster and his dreams will come true.

Chris Shaw

Chris Shaw made $7.25 an hour and had $28.96 in his bank account. Until he won the lottery of course.

Shaw, of Marshall, Mo., won Wednesday's Powerball lottery jackpot — becoming $258.5 million richer literally overnight.

The 29-year-old bought a ticket as his shift at a Break Time convenience store was ending Wednesday evening, but he didn't get around to checking the winning numbers after they were announced that night.

On Thursday morning, he learned the winning ticket had been sold at his Break Time. He went in to check his ticket and, well, you can guess the rest.

By 5 p.m., he was at a news conference at the Missouri lottery's headquarters, talking to the cameras, posing with the woman dressed as a big red Powerball and accepting that big cardboard check.

"I have nothing — had nothing," Shaw said. "Right now, it's just like a shock, like a dream. You just feel like you're going to wake up at any moment and it'll be gone."
Just like Amelia, Chris had no grandiose plans for the life-changing lottery prize money. He did however say that he would pay off his debts, pay the bills and buy his girlfriend’s two sons a bike and a skateboard.

Beverley Doran

Beverley Doran wasted no time ditching the benefits, abandoning her council house, viewing posh houses with an estate agent and moving into a hotel immediately after receiving her £14.5m lottery jackpot win on the EuroMillions.

The mum of three boys, aged 17, 10 and 9 and a girl aged five, she simply sent a skip over to her house and crammed it full of her unwanted things, such as old toys, bits of furniture, towels and suitcases.  Apparently a local jumped inside and started handing out Bev’s cast-offs.

From what we can gather Beverley was already on a road of transformation months before winning the £14.5m EuroMillions lottery jackpot prize, as she had already split from her partner seven months before and had shed three stone. The lottery jackpot win was just the cherry on top of her brand new life that she was working so hard to achieve.

Speaking to lottery officials Beverley became tearful as she explained: “It’s overwhelming to know that I’m never going to have to struggle again. It’s just come at a right nice time. I’ve been there like most people. I’ve struggled.”

“I’ve spent many a night with depression, wondering what would happen to my children, especially when they are older. Now I don’t have that worry.”

She went on to say that her priority is a new home so that each of her children could have their own bedrooms instead of being crammed into their council house.

“It will be good to have their own space, their own roomand a nice garden in a nice area. I’m not going to change their schools though.

Beverly discovered that she had won when she logged into her account after just waking up. She said that she saw the jackpot amount and knew she had won “something” but for the life of her she couldn’t work out what she had won. Then it slowly triggered that SHE was the jackpot winner!

“It was taking a very long time to sink in. I jumped out of bed and ran into my son’s bedroom and babbled. ‘I’m a millionaire’.

“To be honest I’m still in a whirlwind. I still haven’t got my head around it. I don’t know what I’m going to spend the money on or who I am going to help.

Neal Wanless

Neal Wanless lives in Todd County, South Dakota, and according to Neal, it’s one of the nation's poorest places.

Jim Colombe, a family friend said, "they were just so darned poor," and said that Neal’s ranch was broken, showing just how hard they were coping financially.

While out buying livestock feed Neal picked up Powerball tickets in the nearby town where he was born - a place named Winner!

Well, it definitely lived up to its name and Neal won $232,100.00.
Neal told lottery winners that one thing he definitely planned to do with his win is to help those around him.

Looking at all these wonderful rags to riches lottery winner stories, one thing they all have in common besides struggling and then having won the lottery is that they all refuse to splurge their prize money and just want to make those around them enjoy a better life.

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