Former Miss Quebec Is Spending Her Entire Lottery Prize To Help Others

Imagine winning the lottery and deciding to give it all away. Well, that's exactly what Rachel Lapierre from Montreal in Canada has decided to do.

Rachel LaPierre, a former beauty queen won big in the Canada Lottery in 2013. The game’s prize was a guaranteed $1,000 for life, which amounts to $52,000 per year – not “champagne wishes and caviar dreams” money, but a seriously good chunk nonetheless.

LaPierre, 55, who was working as a nurse, decided that she didn’t need it. Already managing her own charity she knew that the money could be put to good use helping others. 

It’s for this reason that her weekly lottery check is now going to that charity, as well as others that she supports.

Thanks to the lottery win she has now given up her nursing career to do more charity work hands-on.

Rachel LaPierre

She said, "It's nice to have a new car, a new home, a new everything. It can really be fun but you don't need that to be happy".

She said that her goal in life is to spread happiness by doing good deeds for people in need.
Her charity work ranges from providing hot food and clothes to the homeless in Quebec to street clinics in Kolkata.

The selfless Ms Lapierre said: "Money is money. When you're born you don't have anything.

"And when you go [die], you go with nothing but your memories. You go with what you did here in life.

"We just try to promote good deeds. Good deeds can be so many things.

"It can be a bike, it can be food, it can be transported to go to the hospital. It can even be just listening to somebody on the phone because they are lonely.

"I think happiness comes from the heart. It's nice to have a new home or car. It can be really fun - but you don't need that to be happy."

Back in the 1980’s Rachel's joined a local modelling school and as a result entered Miss Quebec which she won in 1982, aged 21. She toured Canada in the following year.

Jetting off into the modelling world might seem a world apart from what she’s currently involved with, but according to the kind-hearted lottery winner, she sees quite a few similarities.

"At 20, I loved helping, but I did not know that I would necessarily go in that direction.

"I learnt everything I could. I realised that giving pleasure made me happy and that doing good deeds fed me."

A few years later she set up her own modelling school, to help young women build careers in the industry. She later closed the business so that she could focus her attention on raising her own children, but she always yearned to help others.

The fact that she later trained as a nurse came as no surprise and worked in emergency departments in Quebec. Her she became in contact with humanitarian organisations overseas.

It was during this time that her numbers came up.

"I figured that if I won, I would go ahead with this project of founding a charity.

"I had [already] been doing humanitarian aid for many years.

"There are no employees. We decided to provide assistance services to the populations."

The charity is funded by donations, with any gap being made up from Rachel's pockets and now the lottery prize money too.

"I grew up in a poor environment and saw misery and sadness.

"I told myself that if we put it down if we all made a small gesture, the world would be better."

Her efforts around Montreal, include helping a family of Syrian refugees find an apartment and helping a homeless mother who’d just had a child. Other charitable efforts have seen her providing medical care in India and Africa.

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