The Battle Of The Sexes When It Comes To Winning The Lottery

If you're dreaming of winning the jackpot on your favourite online lottery tonight, you might want to forget about the four-leaf clovers, acorns, and horseshoes for the moment – and rather look at your name! After all, if anything, it’s a great excuse to buy lottery tickets for the next draw, especially if your name comes out on top of the list.

You might think luck has a lot to do with winning the lottery, as playing the lottery is a game of chance, but a recent survey has revealed that there are other factors that mean you are more likely to win big on the lottery, and it might all come down to your name.

According to various surveys, the following names depicted in this article are most likely to strike it lucky.

If you’re a man then you better hope you’re called one of these lucky names:


An interesting statistic is that the fairer sex has more luck when it comes to scooping bigger lump sum lottery prizes.

Not only are they the ones in the relationship who more often than not actually purchase the lottery tickets, but they are also the ones who remind their husbands to buy them from the local lotto store.

If however, you look at the stats when it comes to buying lottery tickets online vs offline, another interesting fact is that more men purchase lotto tickets online.

If you’re a lady then here are the ten luckiest lottery winner ladies names:


Of course, these statistics are just for fun and while these names might be lucky, the odds of winning are the same for everyone who plays the lottery.

Luckiest professions

Lottery winners come from all walks of life, but there are some professions that produce more winners than others, and one particular job that dominates the statistics is...


If you’re looking for the tools to become the next big winner, it might be a good idea to learn a trade. Tradesmen are the most common lotto winners, with builders, carpenters, and mechanics all having windfalls in recent years.

Over the years, there have been more than 330 builders that have been plucked from a building site and thrown into the life of luxury for simply taking a chance, buying a lotto ticket and hitting the big one!

In total, these builders have banked over a billion between them!

Winning builders include Tony Nutbrown, who took home £3 million in 2008. Gareth Bull also in the building industry won the massive £40 million on the UK Lottery after rain put a halt on his days’ work and he picked up a lottery ticket on his way home.

Gareth and Catherine Bull


Next in line are cabbies, truckers and bus drivers who saw their lucky lotto numbers make them millionaires, while office workers take third place with 190 millionaires racking up a total of £840 million in winnings.

Here's the full list:

1. Builders - 331 winners - £1.26 billion claimed in prizes
2. Drivers/transport - 193 winners - £750 million claimed in prizes
3. Administrators - 190 winners - £840 million claimed in prizes
4. Manufacturers - 176 winners - £615 million claimed in prizes
5. Shop assistants - 146 winners - £500 million claimed in prizes

George Sturt £26 million EuroMillions lottery winner

The 76-year-old cabbie took home £26 million on the EuroMillions to share with his family, two of which are builders!

A former builder, himself, George said the jackpot, believed to be the fourth-biggest EuroMillions won by a British ticketholder (at the time of the win), would not lead to his retirement because he enjoyed driving cabs so much.

Aside from George, there have been dozens of high profile driver winners, such as David Long, who quit his long distance lorry driving job in 2013 after winning £1 million on the lottery. He did, however, stay on the road, but this time behind the wheel of his luxury motorhome.

He didn’t give up playing the lottery though, thinking it couldn’t happen again and it’s a good thing he didn’t, as he won another million two years later!

Bus drivers

In 2012 a lottery syndicate made up of 12 friends from the same coach company split a whopping £38 million between them.

Another bus driver, Kevin Jones, who won £6.1million on the lottery, still turned up for his 5.30 a.m. shift because he did not want let his passengers down.

A bus driver, Kevin Halstead, who won £2.3m on the lottery said he won't quit his job because he would miss his colleagues.

Office workers

For office workers thinking, “Shucks, I should change my job” you will be happy to hear that you don’t have to, as office workers and secretaries are a close third in the luckiest lottery professions, with just over 190 winners since the UK Lottery was launched. However, you might not want to be a manager in an office, as it’s the factory workers that complete the top 5 luckiest lottery winner professions.

Chefs also do pretty well, bringing in a total of £330 million between all the 670 winners.

Did you fit in any of these categories? Let us know in the comments section and you could earn valuable LottoPoints for your comment – which you can redeem for FREE lottery tickets!

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