Exciting UK Lottery Changes Coming In November 2018

It’s good news for UK Lottery players as the National Lottery has announced exciting changes to the game this November!

The UK Lottery is once again undergoing changes this November, bringing in fixed prizes for all non-jackpot tiers and introducing exciting new roll down draws.

More jackpot winners

Even more exciting is the fact that these changes will lead to the jackpot being won more often!

The guaranteed minimum jackpots are set to change from November, increasing from £1.8 million to £2 million for Wednesday draws, and from £3.1 million to £3.8 million for Saturday draws.

Must Be Won draws

When “Must Be Won” draws are held, the jackpot will be approximately £11 million on a Wednesday and £12 million on a Saturday.

Fixed secondary prizes

UK Lottery winners who match five balls plus the bonus ball will win a fixed payout of £1m from November, up from £50,000.

Matching five main balls will see winnings of £1,750, compared to £1,000.

Matching four and three main numbers, the cash prizes will be fixed at £140 and £30 respectively, bigger prizes than the winnings currently available.

The lowest UK Lottery prize tier will see players win £30 compared to £25 for matching three balls.

Jackpot Roll downs

Another feature added this November will be the Jackpot roll down. This means that the jackpot will only be able to roll over for a maximum of five draws before it has to be won.

Currently, the jackpot can rollover until it reached its jackpot cap of £22 million. With the changes will mean that the jackpot will be won more frequently and thereby giving more UK Lottery players the chance of becoming millionaires.

If no one matches all six main numbers to win the top prize in the ‘Must Be Won’ draw, the full amount will be shared between all cash winners in the Match 3, 4, 5 and 5 + Bonus prize tiers.

With the public wanting more frequent wins, these UK Lottery changes seemed to have ticked all the boxes, especially when the wins are much bigger. For example, you could be walking away with £260 for matching four main numbers instead of £140.

Why the changes?

There’s a new boss in town, Camelot’s overseas chief executive, Mr Railton, who is responsible for the Lotto shakeup.

“Once we have these in place, we have a portfolio of games that offer something for everybody,” he said, adding that research indicated people “want the jackpot to be won more often”.

“I was in my local Co-op over the weekend and a lady was in there who had won £100 on a scratchcard.

“Because she was feeling lucky she bought five Lotto tickets for Saturday night. It goes to show the impact of winning that sort of money and changing people’s weeks.”

The research was therefore conducted between The National Lottery and its customers, players and retailers.

The feedback was then taken into consideration, resulting in a game with bigger prizes and jackpots that are won more often.

The changes are also expected to raise more money for the Good Causes fund.

Tickets incorporating the new changes will go on sale on Sunday 18th November, ahead of the first draw under the new rules on Wednesday 21st November.

Previous UK Lottery Changes 

The UK Lottery has undergone quite a few changes since 1994. The last major change took place in October 2015. 

The ball pool increased from 49 to 59

A guaranteed £1 million winner was introduced in every draw as part of the Lotto Raffle

The four draw rollover limit was replaced with a £22 million jackpot cap. The rate at which the jackpot grows is not always the same, but it usually takes around nine or ten rollovers to get reach the £22 million mark. In the first year after the cap was set at £22 million, there were four occasions when the cap was reached and had to be won in the following draw.

Odds of winning the top prize became 1 in 45,057,474

A new prize was added for matching two numbers.

As you can see, things are certainly getting rather exciting and even if you don’t win the jackpot – you still stand a really good chance to win significantly higher prizes on the lower prize tiers.
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