The Unluckiest UK Lottery Player Ever

We’ve all experienced days when we just couldn’t catch a break, but for some lottery players, the emotional roller coaster that they went through is nothing short of shocking.

One such lotto player is Barrie Enderby. He’s a pensioner and has been playing the same set of lucky lottery numbers for quite some time. His lotto numbers are made up by his daughter’s birthdays, as well as house numbers from prior residences.

The day started off just like any other day and as usual, he got on his bike and peddled down to buy his lotto tickets. Unfortunately, he was knocked off his bike which caused him to get to the bookie too late.
"When I realised that I hadn’t put on my lottery numbers I went as fast as I could to the bookies.

"But my leg is still sore and I could only go slowly and missed the 8 pm deadline by 15 minutes."

As luck or should we say ‘bad luck’ would have it, had he made it to the bookie before closing time and entered his same set of lottery numbers, he would have won £10,000.

Realising his misfortune, Barry, who normally does not drink too often, decided to go out and drown in sorrows with a few drinks.

Unfortunately, his unlucky day hadn’t come to an end missing out on the lotto win.

When the slightly tipsy lottery player got home he decided to make himself something to eat.

"So when I got back home and felt hungry, I put on some chips and steak. But I fell asleep. The next thing I knew the smoke alarm had gone off.

"I threw water on the cooker but that was the worst thing I could have done."

Long story short, the 78-year-old’s kitchen filled with flames and smoke after his chip pan caught on fire.

The blaze grew even larger, stripping roof tiles and melting an extractor fan.

Barry in his kitchen

His neighbours called 999, and the firefighters arrived soon after and managed to extinguish the kitchen blaze.

A Humberside Fire and Rescue Service spokesman said: “We are still getting fires caused by unattended cooking. There are other alternatives to chip pans with hot oil. There are deep fat fryers and oven chips.”

He added: “Putting water on a pan of burning oil is not the right thing to do.

"Sadly this is an example of hot oil in chip pans which can be dangerous. It is a hard lesson and we see it time and time again. There are still many residents using chip pans sadly. The occupier, in this case, was uninjured which is excellent but it could have caused serious injury or worse."

Thankfully Barrie is now being helped by family and his local community.

Barry’s not the only lottery player to have experienced bad luck. Here’s another unfortunate lotto winner’s story that will make you thank your lucky stars that you play the lottery online.

Imagine actually winning the jackpot then it all goes wrong? This happened to Clarence Jackson who just like Barry also purchased lottery tickets every week. Unfortunately, with life getting in the way, Clarence forgot to check his lottery tickets.

It was nearly a year later, when his sister, Sheila Cole, saw a newscast about a $5.8 million USD jackpot that still hadn’t been claimed. The deadline was the same day, at midnight. She remembered seeing some lottery tickets lying around the house, so she decided to check them.

And that’s when she saw it.

She was holding the winning ticket!

The only problem was, it was now 11:15 pm on a Sunday and their deadline to claim the prize would be over in 45 minutes!

Sheila naturally informed Clarence about the winning lottery ticket. However, they were both under the impression that they had to go into the Lottery Office the next day. What they didn’t know was that, as the cut-off date was midnight that day, the following day would be far too late and therefore all they had to do was get the ticket validated at any store before the time.

As the Monday was a bank holiday, Clarence went into the Lottery Offices on Tuesday. That’s when he found out that the ticket was now worthless!

We all at some stage dream about winning the lottery. We all imagine the feeling when our lucky numbers come up in the draw. So it’s therefore not so hard to imagine how you’d feel knowing that you just won the jackpot and became a millionaire. Euphoria, undescribed happiness, hundreds of thoughts running through your head. You can already see yourself making your dreams come true, buying a new house, having fun and relaxing on a luxurious trip and doing all the things you’ve always wanted to do.

Our lottery tip, therefore, is to toss those pieces of paper out for good and play the lottery online. When you play lotto offline, your whole future might be decided by that small piece of paper. These pieces of paper could so easily be lost, stolen or just end up in a bin somewhere.

And let's face it. It's 2018! Such an important item should be safely stored digitally, like everything else nowadays.

Best of luck to all our lottery players here on PlayUKLottery – may you all get the lucky lottery results you deserve.

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