£26 Million UK Lottery Jackpot Exceeds Jackpot Cap

With the EuroMillions jackpot won, lottery players will now be focusing their attention on the UK Lottery which has reached the jackpot cap and must be won.

Must be won UK Lottery jackpot The UK Lottery hasn’t been won since Wednesday 22nd August. It’s been rolling ever since and has now exceeded the jackpot cap to reach its current value of £26 million.

This means that the jackpot in the following draw on Wednesday, 3rd October must be won no matter what. You might not even have to match all six numbers to win it.

With so many lottery players playing the EuroMillions Superdraw over the past couple of weeks, players may have been distracted, making sure they had entries into the EuroMillions lotto game. But with one lucky Swiss player scooping the jackpot – it’s all eyes on the UK Lottery now.

If, however, a player does match all six winning UK Lottery numbers in Wednesday’s draw, they will win the jackpot as normal, but if no one manages to hit all the numbers, the prize money will roll down to be split between all winners in the next prize tier.

For example, there were two players who matched five main numbers plus the Bonus Ball on Wednesday 24th May, when the jackpot had to be won after passing £22 million in the previous draw. As nobody matched all six numbers, they received £12.7 million each.

The old limit of four rollovers was scrapped when new rules were introduced in October 2015 and a jackpot cap was brought in to replace it. This cap, which can be changed at the discretion of National Lottery operators Camelot, currently stands at £22 million.

Upcoming Lottery Changes This November

The UK Lottery will undergo a set of changes ahead of the draw on Wednesday 21st November. This will ensure that more millionaires will be made.

One of the new rules will be that the jackpot can only roll five times before it must be won. These draws will be called, ‘Must Be Won’ draws, similar to what we are seeing this Wednesday. However, as the jackpot will only be rolling over 5 times before a ‘Must Be Won’ draw takes place, the jackpots won’t be as high as this Wednesday nights draw of £26 million.

The prizes will also change from 21st November. The value of most prizes currently depends on the number of winners in each tier, varying from draw to draw, but there will now be a fixed amount for each category.

Time To Play The UK Lottery Online

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It is not only a gigantic amount of money, but there is also the chance that you could land great prizes without even having to win the jackpot.

If you fancy giving the UK Lottery a go, you can play online now!

Good luck!

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