Creative Ways to Reveal Your Lottery Win

With the help of the internet, lottery winners are coming up with creative ways to reveal their lotto wins to their families and friends.

Celebratory Dinner A Family Will Never Forget

Poul Hjortbol from Denmark won $2.7 million on the lottery. Just like so many lottery players who fantasize about telling their loved ones about a jackpot win, Poul too decided to hatch a plan to reveal the good news.

He decided to hide a camera to record his sons’ reactions when he told them about his incredible news while they were eating dinner.

He began by announcing he had quit his job, to the shock of his sons. Once the news sunk in and not wanting to traumatise them for too long he admitted that he “won a little bit of money… enough money so I can give a small thing to you.” With that being said, he handed over £500 in cash, plus a brand new iPad to each of his sons.

Totally ecstatic, the two boys jumped up excitedly as they were handed their gifts and couldn’t believe it when their father told them that he had won 200,000 Danish Krone (USD 35,000). Hearing the news, the boys kept on saying  “oh my god.”

fun ways to tell your family you won the lottery

However, the mischievous dad wasn’t quite done yet and after three minutes while he and his teenage sons had a bit of celebratory champagne, he once again revealed that he had something more to tell them.

He admitted that he hadn't been exactly truthful. After a little pause, he told them he had won more money at which point one of the boys asked how much. He replied and told them he had won over a million (kroner)

The boys at this point are beyond excited. At this point during total mayhem and continuous “oh my gods” the incredibly happy dad once again hands them another wad of cash, this time 5000kr! But it doesn’t end here, he then throws two more stacks of cash equalling 50,000kr (USD 9,000) on the table, stating that they will go shopping the following day!

Another minute passes and the boys are finally sit down again.  Still smiling mischievously the dad finally reveals that the lottery winnings are a lot more than a million kroner.

Instead of telling the boys how much he won, he hands them the award letter. When they scan the paper, they read in disbelief that the amount is a whopping 15 million kroner (USD 2.7 million).

How to reveal your lottery win to your familyA Simple Text Link

The easiest way to contact your children these days is to send them a text, which is exactly what the next couple did.

After winning $100,000 on the lottery, the winners came up with the perfect way to tell their children - they texted them!
Alfred Castle found out that he had won on the lottery after double- checking his ticket. He was at home with his wife when he realised that his numbers 5, 17, 29, 34 and 37 were the lucky winning numbers.

He couldn’t believe his luck and screamed to his wife to quickly come and double-check the numbers again as he could hardly believe what he was seeing.  She did, and could hardly believe just how much they had just won on the lottery.

They knew that they had to inform their children, but decided that instead of calling them, they would turn it into a little fun, by simply forwarding them a link to a news story about an Easley retailer who sold a winning $100,000 ticket for the Palmetto Cash 5 game.

Fifteen minutes later, they sent a picture of their father holding his lottery winner’s cheque!


The Best Lotto Tip Ever!

New York City police detective Robert Cunningham was at South Pizzeria in Yonkers when he jokingly asked waitress Phyllis Penzo if they could split a lottery ticket instead of tipping her. He promised to split the winnings between them if he won.

As they had known each other for just over fifteen years, they often joked around. But, even if it was said in jest, both took it seriously. Penzo agreed and even helped Cunningham choose the numbers.

Cunningham ended up winning after all, and true to his promise shared the $6 million prize right down the middle with Phyllis Penzo!

The story even became the inspiration of the 1994 movie It Could Happen to You.

It could happen to you too – if you buy a lottery ticket of course.


How would you reveal your lottery jackpot win to your family? Let us know in the comments section below!

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