Dreams About Winning The Lottery – Interpretation and Meaning

Have you ever woken up and wondered what the dream of playing the lottery could signify? Do you think that the dream could mean that you are going to be the one who takes home the big one? Read this article to find out the interpretation and meaning of dreaming about the lottery.

Our dreams represent a combination of our real-life experiences and what we think about it.  Dreams can help us understand situations that we have gone through and that are playing on our subconscious mind. 

By interpreting dreams you should take all aspects into consideration as there are many symbols in your dreams that represent certain fundamental things. Unfortunately, dreams can represent good or bad things. Let’s take a look:

What does it mean if I dream about the lottery?

Dreaming of winning the lottery Finances might improve - Dreaming of winning the lottery may mean that your finances are about going to increase. If you have gone through a period of financial strain, you will be happy to know that dreaming of a lottery win, could, in fact, be on the cards.

You may encounter minor issues – With finances playing on your mind, you find that you may experience some minor issues when it comes to money. You should always solve these minor issues before they get out of hand. Trust your instincts.

You will find solutions – Due to the fact that your subconscious is trying to tell you something, something tells us that you have the ability to tackle problems head-on and solve them. We all go through a rough patch at some stage in our lives. You will be able to resolve any problems timeously if you believe in yourself and end up a winner.


If you have dreamt of winning the lottery, it could mean that you are going to go through a lucky patch. Be thankful and accept the fact that you are the chosen one.

You have potential

Many of us have no idea of our own potential. Others, on the other hand, ooze confidence in this area but they may not have the tools to use it correctly. Everyone should make a point of exploring new things to find out what they are capable of. For those that have dreamt of the lottery, whether you won or whether you simply dreamt of lottery numbers, you should most definitely buy a lottery ticket.

Take responsibility

There are signs everywhere. If you are open enough to receive these signs, whether it’s seeing a discarded lotto ticket in the gutter or dreaming of winning the lottery – you need to act on it. It’s no good simply ignoring it and then complaining that you never win. Like most things in life, you need to plan ahead in order to be successful. Being successful comes with being responsible for the decisions you make.

The various dreams about the lottery

Dreams about the lottery occur in various scenarios:

Dreaming you won the lottery

If you have a vivid recollection of dreaming about actually winning the lottery it could mean that you will receive good news. It might not be that you will win the actual lottery but rather that the promotion you have been waiting for will happen. It could also mean that an investment will reward you with a good return. If you look back at your life and think of good things that have already happened to you, you might realise that you have had this dream before.

Dreaming about another person winning the lottery

If you have dreamt about someone else winning the lottery, it could mean that there’s an underlying jealously taking place. It could be that either your friends, colleagues or a family member may seem more successful than you. They might go on more vacations, live in a stunning home or drive expensive cars and this could be causing you to feel jealous. Remember, you are a unique person, you work hard, you look after your loved ones – that’s important and extremely good qualities. Eventually, you too will reach success.

If your dream reflected that you felt great happiness with them winning the lottery, then you are an excellent friend. Always be happy for your friend’s success and in turn you will be attracting success towards you.

Dreaming about buying a lottery ticket

If you dreamt about buying a lottery ticket, it could mean that your day to day actions could pay off a lot sooner than you think. It also means that the odds that your actions will be noticed is imminent.

On the other hand, this dream could also mean that you need to get off the couch and not let chances pass you by. It’s this that makes people fail in life. Get out of your comfort zone, seize the opportunities before you and you will enjoy your life to the max.

Dreaming about winning the lottery but you can’t claim your prize

Sounds more like a nightmare. Dreaming about winning the lottery but not being able to collect your prize implies that although there have been many opportunities presented to you, you have lost out in some way. It’s this regret that is eating away at your soul. The only thing you can do is, let it go. Put it behind you, learn from your mistakes and move forward.

Dreaming about showing your winning lottery ticket to a crowd

For those that have dreamt of showing their winning lottery ticket to a crowd, it means that you should motivate yourself to create success. The fact that there’s a crowd means that there will be distractions along the way.

Dreaming of giving the lottery prize to someone

If you have had a dream about giving a lottery prize to someone else, it could mean that you may experience trouble either at work, home or where you are currently studying.

Dreaming about almost winning the lottery

A dream about almost winning the lottery means that, although you are working hard, you feel as though you are taking too much on and therefore not reaching your goal.

Facts and Figures about lotto dreams

The most common dreams

  • Falling
  • Being chased
  • Work
  • Money
  • Deceased people

In an opinion poll by Statista, a leading provider of marketing and consumer data, it was found that 9.6% of people dream of winning the lottery. Of those surveyed, 75% of the respondents said they believed that they would eventually win the lottery.

Dreaming in numbers

n average we dream about 1.5 hours a night.
43% remember their dreams

What are you dreaming about?

Soichiro Honda the founder of Honda Cars first coined the phrase ‘The Power of dreams’ based on his visionary principles.

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Do it now and live your dream!

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