First Times Rock – Especially When It Come To Winning The Lottery!

No matter how many times you repeat an experience, there's simply nothing like doing it for the very first-time. Whether it be the first time you see snow, the first time you ride a rollercoaster, the first time you experience virtual reality, or the first time you win a prize on the lottery. These special moments will stay with you forever.

We’ve put together a list of first time experiences. From new-born babies, 100-year-old ladies taking their first ride on a motorbike to experiencing a lottery win.

First times rock

There’s a first time for everything in life and nothing beats the adrenalin rush and thrill of anticipating a brand new experience.

Throughout our lives, we all cherish precious memories of various instances when we happened to experience something for the very first time. For example, who can forget the priceless “I’m rich”- feeling that comes with a first paycheck?  Or that heady “I love _____________” feeling when you experience your first crush?

Do you still remember the ‘first time’ you:

  • First day you went to school
  • Rode a bike on your own?
  • Had your first date with your crush
  • Achieved 100% on a test?
  • Danced in the rain
  • Tried out the new dress you've been saving to buy
  • Went on a Roller-Coaster ride
  • Had your first kiss
  • Saying I love you for the first time
  • Obtained your driver’s license?
  • Got behind the wheel of your own car?
  • Attended the prom with your sweetheart?
  • That first sip of alcohol
  • Finally graduated from high school and/or college?
  • Moved into your own place?
  • First flight
  • Freefall
  • Got married to your sweetheart?
  • The feeling of having the first child
  • Held your firstborn directly after birth?

Playing the lottery also comes with its own set of amazing “firsts.”

You may very well become one of the lucky first-time lottery players who won the jackpot and have “first-time” memories to cherish:

  • Realizing your entry has all the winning lottery numbers.
  • Your millions have just been deposited in your bank account.
  • Telling your family and friends that you won the jackpot.
  • Buying a brand new sports car or two or three.
  • Buying your dream home.
  • Buying designer clothes and accessories.
  • Donating a sizable amount to a charity close to your heart.
  • Going on a no-expenses-spared trip around the world.
  • Paying for your kids’ college tuition upfront in cash.

What 's on your lottery bucket list? Here are some ideas:

  • Go back to University
  • Throw the biggest party your neighbourhood has ever seen
  • Sponsor a lab that does Cancer research
  • Go on a shopping spree to end all shopping sprees
  • Shower your family with expensive gifts
  • Buy a huge house and turn it into your ultimate playground
  • Buy your own sports team
  • Buy a ridiculously over the top car
  • Tour an exotic destination on the back of a Harley
  • Donate to the ‘Save the Rhino’ campaign

Couple winning online

Still dreaming? If so, we suggest that you set out and make your very own lottery bucket list.

This way you can define your dreams as life goals and get help fulfilling your dreams!

Here are 3 ideas for making your lottery bucket list work:

Make a bucket list

Write down everything you want to do with your lottery winnings, including charities and crazy vacations. Make sure you add in details and put some emotion into it. We don’t always feel positive every day, so reading your lottery list will give you a lift and spur you on to carry on trying.



Review the wish list daily

Relive the desire you had when you wrote those wishes. Feel free to remove or add new ones that appeal to you. Delete those that start to feel stale.

Take action - buy an entry to win the lottery

As with most successes in life, everything comes to those who persist with a plan and follow through with it. Which is why it’s so important to take action and play the lottery.

When you have your lottery bucket list, you will feel positive and encouraged about winning.

A lottery entry will give you the right to dream big, and remember, money paves the way to experience ‘first times’ others would give their eye teeth for.

Enter the world of online lotteries today
and you may very well be ticking off the items on your list before you know it!

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