The Most Unusual Lotto Results EVER!

Playing the lottery is extremely exciting, especially if you win. While some online lottery players prefer playing numbers that mean something to them, there are those that leave it up to Lady Luck and buy a Quickpick entry. However, every now and again a draw will take place where the results are so striking that they really catch the eye. It may be that there are an extraordinary amount of winners or the sequence of numbers are particularly unusual. Let’s delve deeper into the most unusual lotto results ever.

Most unusual lotto results

Looking at Thursday’s Oz Powerball lotto results, all the numbers were under 31, which means that there aren’t too many lottery players who play numbers that fit into the calendar month. As it’s quite a rare occurrence that the winning lotto numbers actually fit into a date range.

133 Jackpot Winners

While checking the detailed lottery results it’s not unusual to see a handful of winners sharing a prize. But what if we told you that in 1995, on Saturday, January, 14 to be precise, a staggering 133 lottery ticket holders shared a jackpot worth £16.2 million. The winning numbers were 7, 17, 23, 32, 38 and 42. It’s hard to imagine the emotional rollercoaster of thinking you have won the £16,293,830 jackpot only to end up with 1/133 of that total: £122,510.


Speaking of small jackpots, the smallest jackpot ever won occurred on August 13, 2014 and amounted a minuscule £720,152. To make matters even worse, it was won by two ticket holders who had to end up sharing the prize. After splitting the prize they each took home a mere £360,076 each. It’s far cry from the biggest jackpot in the world, which is the US Powerball jackpot that soared to a record-breaking $1.6 billion. Even though this jackpot was shared by three ticket holders, they each still won a magnificent $327.8 million each after taxes!

strange lotto results, most unusual lotto results 10,000

While 99 per cent of lottery players would never choose the numbers 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6, you might be shocked to discover that at least 10,000 people do play this combination on the UK Lottery.

These players might be under the impression that it’s a cute pattern or that if they win, the odds of anyone else having played the same set of numbers is highly unlikely and therefore they would be the sole winners. However, given most jackpots are around the £4m mark, if those numbers do come up, everyone will walk away with £400 each.

Multiples of Seven

On Wednesday 23rd March 2016, there were no jackpot winners in the Lotto, but incredibly there were a staggering 4,082 players who managed to match five main numbers! To put this into context, the week before there were 30 ticket holders who matched five main numbers on Wednesday 15th March 2017.

The main numbers were 7, 14, 21, 35, 41 and 42, five of which are multiples of seven, which is considered a lucky number by many people. As the pay-out for the Match 5 prize tier depends on the number of winners and the amount of money in the pot, everyone in this category won £15 each.

Now had the number 41 been number 28, it is possible that those 4,082 players would have shared the jackpot (presuming they had all decided to play consecutive multiples of seven).

4, 15, 23, 24, 35, 43

In 2009 the winning lottery numbers for the Bulgarian lottery were 4, 15, 23, 24, 35 and 43 for the draw that took place on 6 September 2009. Just four days later, however, the numbers made headlines all over the world when the exact same numbers popped out of the lotto draw machine again!

With many lottery enthusiasts playing with the strategy of playing numbers that have come recently, 18 lottery players shared the jackpot, as opposed to no winners with the same numbers just four days earlier.

The chances of such an event happening in the Bulgarian lottery were calculated at one in four million.


As we know, there are a rather large amount of amazing international lotto games. Each one of these lotteries has numerous draws that take place every week. It’s, therefore, inevitable that coincidences or strange lotto results will occur from time to time.

Lottery players who use patterns or past results to select their lucky lotto numbers can, therefore, strike it lucky, but they do end up sharing the jackpot with a whole host of other players and as we can see, it really doesn’t happen often at all. It’s for this reason, that we suggest you avoid such sequences and go for something more random, as you are then less likely to have to share a big prize if your numbers are drawn.

Remember, every lotto combination has the same chance of coming up, so it is entirely up to you how you decide to pick your lottery numbers.

Whatever you do, just make sure that you give yourself the opportunity to have an entry into your favourite lotto game and who knows, it could be your lotto numbers that pop out this week!

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