Famous People Who Won The Lottery

With the nominations for the 71st annual Emmy Awards announced on Tuesday and “Game of Thrones” and “The Marvelous Mrs Maisel” dominating the list, let’s take a look at famous people who won the lottery.


Famous lottery winners from film and television

While most lottery winners prefer to stay anonymous after winning the lottery, there are those who have already achieved fame and fortune. It’s probably due to this that these individuals don’t mind the world knowing that they won big on the lottery.


Madonna, (The Material Girl), loves playing the SuperEnalotto. As luck would have it, she won €120,000 in 2012. The pop star used her lottery winnings to help to build schools in Malawi.

Simon Cowell

One of the wealthiest people in show business, Simon Cowell, revealed that he still buys lottery tickets — even though his personal fortune is in excess of £200 million.

Hugh Jackman

Australian actor, Hugh Jackman, is well-known on set for buying his co-stars lottery tickets. He said that he loves playing the lottery and it’s a tradition that won’t stop anytime soon.

Even though he hasn’t won any spectacular lottery wins, the lottery tickets did bond crew members on various film sets.

He said that the optimism and good feeling generated by doling out those lottery tickets can significantly improve the mood in the workplace.

Lottery syndicate members such as the latest Scottish co-workers who recently won £1 million on the lotto, will no doubt vouch for this too.

The lottery has featured in quite a few TV shows and movies over the years:

It Could Happen To You

Nicolas Cage played a character who won the lottery in “It could happen to you” back in 1994. Based on a true lottery winner’s story, the film was about a police officer who didn’t have any cash to tip a waitress at the local diner. Instead, he promised to share his the prize if he won the lottery. He did win and stayed true to his word by sharing the prize with the waitress.

The Family Guy

On the animated series, Family Guy, Peter blows his savings on lottery tickets and ends up winning. However, his family has trouble dealing with the good fortune. They end up blowing through millions in no time with dire consequences. After losing all of the family's money on ridiculous purchases, they are fortunate enough to win again.


Another TV show in which one of the characters win big on the lottery is the American series Lost. Fans of the series will remember Hugo "Hurley" Reyes lottery numbers, 4, 8, 15, 16, 23 and 42, that showed up all over the island and constantly tortured the winner and eventually the other characters.

Unfortunately, those lucky lottery numbers did not bring him good fortune. After his multi-million-dollar win, he is pursued by bad luck and sees himself exposed to, among other things, a meteorite impact and the famous plane crash which marks the beginning of the series.

Bruce Almighty

Jim Carrey, who plays Bruce Almighty, ends up helping God and gets tasked with the responsibility of being in charge of other people’s prayers.

At first, he loves the job until he realises the weight of responsibility that comes with it. With so many people praying to win the lottery, he simply gives in and lets them all win without thinking of the disastrous consequences of suddenly creating so many millions of millionaires.

Will YOU be the next lotto millionaire?

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