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If you love playing online lottery, then you have by now heard of rollovers. But for those new to the world of lotteries, we will explain everything there is to know about rollovers and the various rules that come into play.

Even though many lottery players think they know what a rollover is, as used in the context of game drawings, there are still a few players that do not have a clear understanding of the term.

Lottery players buy lottery tickets in the hope that Lady Luck will smile on them sooner or later and that they will have the financial freedom to live exactly the way they have always dreamt about.

However, more often than not, no one wins the top jackpot prize. What happens in such an eventuality?

What is a lottery rollover?

If no one manages to match all the required winning numbers to win the jackpot, the jackpot amount rolls over to the following scheduled drawing. The prize money which could not be claimed by anyone in the previous draw is added to the top prize tier in the upcoming draw.

What’s important to know is that the rules for each lottery game vary.
While some lotteries are able to roll over until someone finally wins the jackpot, other lotteries might have a jackpot cap. A jackpot cap is a prefixed rollover limit which when attained stays constant.

What if you woke up a winner?

Why does rollover happen?

Rollovers make playing the lottery extremely exciting as the jackpot gets bigger each time there’s a rollover.

Funds and proceeds from the sale of tickets from the preceding draws all go towards enhancing the jackpot takings. When the jackpot continues to roll, as we saw happen with the US Powerball and the Mega Millions reaching record-breaking $1.6 billion, lottery fever breaks out.

It’s therefore, no wonder, that more and more people are lured into buying lottery tickets. Even those who don’t usually play the lottery come out in their droves and make sure that they too have an entry.

Do rollovers increase ticket sales?

Absolutely! The bigger the jackpot the more people play. Regular lottery players also increase the number of tickets they purchase.

The fact that a jackpot can rollover to a record-breaking jackpot also causes increased publicity and therefore more people buy tickets. With that, comes a further increase in the estimated jackpot amount.

In the past, as with the US Powerball and the Mega Millions, once quite a few rollovers have taken place, the jackpot can actually jump to a higher jackpot that previously advertised.

When the US Powerball jackpot rolled over to a jaw-dropping $1.6 billion, people queued up for up to three hours to buy a Powerball lottery ticket.

What happens following the attaining of a jackpot cap?

The procedure for when a lottery hits its jackpot cap differs between the various games.

EuroMillions – The EuroMillions jackpot starts at €17 million (around £15 million) and if it is not won the prize money increases for the next draw. This is known as a rollover. The increase in the jackpot’s value can vary between draws, as it is partly based on the volume of ticket sales.

The jackpot will roll over until at least one player matches all five main numbers plus both Lucky Stars, or it reaches its €190 million cap. After reaching the cap, a maximum of four more draws can take place before the jackpot must be awarded. For these draws, any additional prize money that would usually have gone towards the jackpot is instead allocated to the Match 5+1 tier below it.

In the fifth draw after the jackpot cap is reached, the prize money is guaranteed to be given away. If no player matches all seven numbers to win it, the money rolls down to the next winning tier.

This means that in this fifth draw, players who match five numbers plus a Lucky Star, or even those who match just five numbers, could get a share of the €190 million.

UK Lottery – The UK Lottery has a rollover limit. This is slightly different from a rollover cap. The UK Lottery rules state that there can be a maximum of five consecutive draws without a winner. Once there have been five rollovers in a row, a Must Be Won draw takes place.

If nobody matches all six main numbers in the Must Be Won draw, a jackpot rolldown will occur. Rather than just being diverted to players in the next prize category where there is at least one winner, jackpot rolldowns see the money shared between winning ticket holders in multiple tiers. Everyone from the ‘Match 3’ tier to the ‘Match 5 + Bonus’ tier receives a larger payout than the fixed prizes normally on offer.

A jackpot cap had previously been in place on Lotto before a number of changes were made in November 2018. The cap had initially been set at £50 million when it was introduced in October 2015 and would allow one more rollover once this figure had been passed. The cap was raised to £55 million after two players shared £66 million on Saturday 9th January 2016.

For online lottery players who pay close attention to the number of times a jackpot has been rolled over when the maximum rollovers have occurred, you can expect to see even higher ticket sales.

Not only are players hoping to win the jackpot, but many people will also settle for second-tier prizes because of the possibility of a roll down. In essence, when any lottery game has reached the maximum possible rollovers, you still can win a whole lot of money, even without matching all the numbers necessary to claim the jackpot!

PlayUKLottery has an amazing feature which will ensure that you never miss another huge rollover jackpot.

By using our clever Intelliplay feature which let you create certain rules for your account to automatically place entries.

These entries are played on your behalf automatically when any of your rules become valid.
Rules that you can create to play the lottery:

  • Whenever the jackpot is above a certain size.
  • Whenever the draw has rolled over a certain number of times.
  • Whenever there’s a Superdraw.

You can choose the number of entries you wish to have entered whenever one of the above conditions are met. You can also choose which lottery you wish to apply your rules to.

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