Ways To Spend Your Time During The CoVid-19 Lockdown

The world has changed dramatically over the last few weeks and months with the emergence of a very real threat to us all, the Coronavirus known as COVID-19. Most countries around the world are now in a complete lockdown to help flatten the curve of the spread of this dangerous virus.

Millions of people are now self-isolating and staying indoors for at least a month until this dreadful threat gets eliminated. This can only happen if we all stay away from each other to stop the spread of this infection. Being stuck in your house or flat for such a long period of time can be very boring and people will be looking for ideas to keep them occupied during the shutdown.

Most businesses are shut apart from essentials such as supermarkets and pharmacies and ‘social distancing’ and ‘self-isolating’ have become the new buzzwords just about everywhere. Major events all over the world have been cancelled including the 2020 Olympics that were set to have been held in Japan.

Once people have watched their collection of movies or binge-watched Netflix until their eyes are popping out, they will need some other form of entertainment or something else that will occupy their minds. So instead of wasting this new free time you have available, how about putting it to good use by doing something constructive that will help pass the time quicker and at the same time improve your life?

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Below are a few ideas that can help alleviate the boredom of the Covid-19 isolation:

Play the Lottery Online

Once you have sorted out your priorities, like making sure you have enough essentials in your home, make sure you don’t forget to buy your lottery entries online. You never know, you could have a nice surprise if you get lucky.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you win the jackpot to go back out into the world when the virus has been defeated by having a five-star holiday abroad away from the home that you have been pinned down in for so long?

Deep clean the house

To be spending so much time at home during the lockdown, giving the house a thorough clean including the places not normally accessible. As the virus can live on hard surfaces for many days, this would be a good idea to lessen the possibility of infection.

Throw out anything cluttering up the house and reorganise your bookshelves and anything else that looks a bit messy. It’s amazing how good you can feel sorting out the house and getting all those unfinished jobs done at last.
Do something new that will help improve your life?

Now is the time to put your mind into learning something new that may even help you later on after the Covid-19 pandemic has ended. Many things can be self-taught with a bit of help from the internet such as how to improve your Excel and Photoshop skills, things that you normally struggle to find the time to do when working. There are many online courses that you can take that will even give you a certificate when you graduate. There is nothing wrong with having another string to your bow.

How about learning another language?

Learning another language can be very useful especially when you travel. It also looks quite impressive if you have mastered another language or two. There are many YouTube videos that can help with the correct pronunciation when learning any language. Also try watching a foreign movie with subtitles as they can be helpful with your language skills.

Read some famous classic books and watch some classic movies

Now is also the time to catch up with your reading of books. The classics are great and available online if your library is a bit sparse. Also get to see some old classic movies that maybe your parents or grandparents watched back in the day. There are many very good films out there that need to be seen again.

Time for some exercise

You don’t have to go to the gym to exercise and get back that elusive six pack. It can be done just as effectively at home with a bit of improvisation. Again, good old YouTube has many ideas and online coaches that can get you back in shape.

Doing yoga

A lot of people talk and hear a lot about the benefits of yoga. This is your chance to give it a shot with plenty of YouTube tutorials and coaches. There are many different routines that are easy or hard. All you need is some sort of a floor mat and you’re away.

A bit of meditation

Apparently, meditating can help control any anxiety or help reduce any stress you may be suffering from. There is a lot of benefits even with a 15 minute relaxation time. There are quite a few apps or online videos that show you how to meditate towards achieving Zen.

Here are a few more ideas to mull over while under lockdown:

Create a budget, create an online business, create a niche blog or authority website, keep a journal or Vlog of your thoughts, become an artist, write a book or poem, do some gardening, organise your phone and photos, clean up your social media, learn a new hair or makeup style, organise your Inbox, organise and clean out your closet and drawers, update your CV, teach your pet a trick, stop any bad habits, rearrange your furniture and finally, plan how you will spend your lottery jackpot win for when it’s all over.

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