Fascinating Facts About The Lottery

Not only does playing the lottery and winning that elusive jackpot make your dreams come true and change your life forever, it also has some incredible stories, facts, and drama of its own. Let’s dive into some of the most fascinating facts about the lottery and take a moment to appreciate all the drama and excitement that this incredible game creates.

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The lottery as a whole is a curious thing. There are so many ways to play this wonderful game of chance. While some people prefer to use their own special numbers, others swear by their strategies. Play it online and you get a whole host of opportunities to further excite you and give you an even bigger chance of winning. Some of the amazing opportunities come in the form of bundles, amazing promotions, buy x get x free, discounts, jaw-dropping competitions and of course Inteliplay that can be found on the PlayUKLottery.com website.

Most people don’t pay much attention to the lottery and only buy a lottery ticket when they hear about the jackpot rolling to an enormous amount, like the Powerball Plus that offers a huge prize. But, who says that they will find out? Thankfully, by registering to play the lottery online and more importantly subscribe to the newsletters, you will be kept up to date with the biggest international lottery jackpots. This way you will never miss another huge lottery jackpot again.

At the same time, you will also be privy to receiving outstanding promotions throughout the month – giving you the winning-edge to hopefully win the big one!

But while playing the lottery might seem like a pretty straightforward premise (pay a small amount, maybe win a big amount), the lottery is actually full of strange surprises and fascinating facts:

Voltaire was one of the first lottery winners

Voltaire was one of the first lottery winners

The French writer, Voltaire, was one of the early lottery winners.

After teaming up with Charles Marie de La Condamine, a mathematician, they identified a loophole in the French national lottery.

According to History.com, "The government shelled out massive prizes for the contest each month, but an error in calculation meant that the payouts were larger than the value of all the tickets in circulation.”

With this in mind, Voltaire, La Condamine, and a group of other lottery players, they were able to repeatedly corner the market and rake in massive winnings.

They won nearly a half a million francs, which back in those days kept them living extremely comfortable lives. This no doubt gave him the ability to focus on his writing.

110 second-prize winners on Powerball

On March 30, 2005, US Powerball officials were highly suspicious when they saw that a total of 110 players matched five of the six numbers. It was such a large number of winners in the second-tier that foul play, fraud, or cheating was suspected.

However, the real reason behind this weird US Powerball lottery phenomenon turned out to be nothing more than a rare coincidence: the winners all picked their Powerball lottery numbers from the fortune cookie. The numbers inserted into the fortune cookie had the same number combinations.

Officials managed to track down the cookies to one factory in Long Island City, Queens; Wonton Food Inc. The lucky fortune cookie lottery numbers were 22, 28, 32, 33, 39, 40.

It was only the number, the red bonus Power ball number that let the players down, although it was still pretty close: the winning Powerball number was actually 42!

The fortune in the winning cookie read: “All the preparation you’ve done will finally be paying off.”

The 110 winners split the $19.4 million jackpot. Eighty-nine winners were awarded $100,000 each and another 21 received $500,000 each (they were Power Play selections).

For Powerball enthusiasts you are thinking of entering this week’s draw, check out the luckiest Powerball numbers ever.

$3 Million lottery tip

In 1984, New York City police detective Robert Cunningham was at South Pizzeria in Yonkers when he jokingly asked waitress Phyllis Penzo if they could split a lottery ticket instead of tipping her. He promised to split the winnings between them if he won.

Cunningham and Penzo had been friends for 15 years at that point. Penzo agreed and even helped Cunningham choose the numbers.

Can you guess what happened next? Cunningham’s numbers came up and he had just won $6 million! True to his word, Cunningham split the winnings between them right down the middle.

Lump-sum or annuity – there’s a big difference

There is a big difference between when you choose whether your lottery prize gets paid out as an annuity (instalments) or in a lump sum.

When someone wins the lottery and takes a lump sum, the fat sum of money sitting in their bank accounts makes winners a lot more generous when "family and friends" come knocking.

A whopping 83%, the overwhelming majority of new lotto millionaires spread their wealth to loved ones. Statistics show that 66% go to siblings, 57% to their children, and 51% to parents. As long as those that win huge prizes don’t give too much away, without investing in their future, it seems it pays to be related to lottery players.

If, however, you know you have had issues in the past when it comes to giving too much away, then you should definitely consider taking the annuity option. By doing so you are establishing boundaries because your resources are limited.

If you know you can plan correctly, financial pundits, planners, and stock market experts say you should take the lump sum if you win the lottery. The argument is that choosing an annuity lifetime income stream will never beat a well-planned asset-allocated portfolio.

Looking for winning tickets in the garbage

While online lottery players will never have this problem, there have been numerous instances where lottery players have mislaid their winning lottery tickets – and have ended up looking for their lottery ticket in the garbage.

An Arkansas woman found a lottery ticket in the garbage. She cashed it in and received $1 million. However, the owner of the ticket came forward to say that it was, in fact, her ticket that she had accidentally thrown away.

The case went to court and the judge decided that Sharon Duncan was entitled to the prize money, not Sharon Jones, who claimed the prize money.

Lottery winners invest in treasured chests

Woman with lottery ball chest Cosmetic enhancements have become popular amongst female lottery winners for decades, all hoping to take off a few years and give themselves more confidence.

A recent survey reflected that an estimated 1 in 4 lottery winners having had surgical enhancements, either for themselves, or paid for these life-changing enhancements for friends or relatives.

Hitting the jackpot changes every aspect of the winner’s lives. It is estimated that more than 70% of winners purchase a home at least twice the size of their previous one, 80% of winners buy new cars and 10% of those buy more than 10 cars.

Winner paid for his friend's funeral

While paying for a friend’s funeral is a really good gesture, David Lee Edwards did so as he felt partly responsible to his friend’s death.

David said that felt that his $27 million winnings had contributed to the friend's death as he gave his friend a huge sum of money which he spent on drugs, which led to an overdose.

More and more lottery winners keep their day jobs

While most people say they can’t wait to immediately retire after winning the lottery, according to Camelot Group, 48 percent of winners continue to work at their day job after sticking it rich.

The remaining winners take the early retirement option and are most likely sitting on an exotic beach somewhere sipping Mai Tais like a rock star without a care in the world.

More than 90% of jackpot lotto winners continue to play after their win, with 70% of them saying they are “certain they will win again.”

Ways to stay anonymous

One way to keep your name from going public, depending on the state in which you live, is to hire a lawyer, form a trust, and let your lawyer do the talking for you.

The good news for online lottery players is that your identity will never be made public. This is just another reason why playing the lottery online is better.

Winning the lottery multiple times

We all dream of winning the lottery. That one line, that single moment of fortune and believe it or not, there have been numerous people who have won the lottery multiple times. If there is a secret to success, these are these folks that you need to speak to.

Back during the first draws of the National Lottery, a man from Kent won a prize every week for 26 consecutive draws.

In the late 1960s, a young Romanian economist named Stefan Mandel spent more than a decade reading mathematical theories before winning his first lottery. After years of research, he wrote a “number-picking algorithm” based on a method he dubbed “combinatorial condensation.”

Here’s how it worked.

If a player picked 6 numbers in a 49-ball lottery, his odds of winning were 1 in 13,983,816. If he selected 15 numbers (which required purchasing 5,005 games — one for each possible combination), his odds of winning increased to 1 in 2,794. Mandel claimed that his algorithm could reduce these 5,005 combinations to just 569.

If the 6 winning numbers fell among his 15 picks, he’d be guaranteed to win at least a 2nd prize and hundreds of smaller prizes — and he’d have a 1 in 10 chance of winning the grand prize.

What he did was get four friends to each purchase 228 tickets per draw. They ended up winning the first prize of 72,783 lei (about US $2k, or $16.8k adjusted for inflation).

Largest unclaimed lottery win

The largest unclaimed lottery win was from a EuroMillions draw held on 8th June 2012. The winning ticket was worth a whopping £63 million bought somewhere in the Hitchin area. It still holds the world record as the largest unclaimed lotto prize.

Buying all the lottery combinations

In 1992 a lotto syndicate in Australia went all in and bought almost all the number combinations in a Virginia lottery. They struck it big and turned $5 million worth of ticket purchases into $27 million worth of winnings.

Movies funded by the UK Lottery

The UK Lottery has funded eighteen films. These include; The King’s Speech and Billy Elliot which have won a total of 31 Baftas and 15 Oscars.

Lottery winners keep playing the lottery

But perhaps most surprising out of all lotto statistics is the fact that a full two-thirds of lottery winners keep playing the lotto, even after hitting the jackpot. It seems that no matter what your lottery fortunes, there's just something about the game that keeps players coming back for more. Of course with PlayUKLottery.com playing to win couldn't be easier. Just sign in to your lotto account, choose your lottery and lucky number combination, and you too could soon be deciding between a mansion, a fleet of Ferraris, or a five-star trip to the Seychelles. With the correct answer obviously being all three!

So if you've already bought your entries, we're wishing you and your family ‘and friends’ the best of luck in winning this week’s biggest international lotto games:

Mega Millions Max - $201 million
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SuperEnaMax - €285 million
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Powerball Plus - $460 million
EuroJackpot - €90 million

And if you haven't bought any tickets yet, there's still plenty of time! Happy gaming everyone and may the odds be ever in your favour.

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