Crazy Stories of Lottery Winners

Lottery winner, Frane Selak: Was he Lucky or Unlucky?

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Frane Selak, a 90 year old Croation, has had so much bad and good luck at the same time throughout his life that many believe an entire movie wouldn't serve justice to his extraordinary and adventurous life. According to many reports and Frane himself, he had escaped death at least seven times in crazy scenarios that seem to be the stuff of nightmares. Listed below is his amazing near death encounters:

1962: He was on a train that derailed and crashed into an icy river where seventeen people died but Frane survived.

1963: When he was a passenger on an airplane, the back door blew out and he was sucked out of the plane. Nineteen people perished but he survived by landing on a haystack.

1966: He was once on a bus that ended up crashing into a river. Four people died but Frane managed to swim to shore unharmed.

1970: He was in his car one day when it burst into flames and just before the engine exploded in a ball of fire, Frane managed to exit the car just in time and escape death again.

1973: Again in his car, his fuel pump malfunctioned and the air vents inside the car had flames shooting out of them completely burning his hair. Apart from his hair, he was otherwise unhurt.

Frane was walking around Zagreb and got hit by a moving bus and escaped with minor cuts and bruises.

1996: He was driving in the Croatian mountains when he collided with a bus which caused his car to crash into a ninety metre deep ravine. Just as he went over the edge, he managed to jump out of the car and grab a tree branch then watch his car crash and burn at the bottom of the cliff.

It’s tough to decide which the worst of his unfortunate lucky/unlucky happenings were. He’s not really the guy you want to go for a drive with or take a trip on a plane with for sure. Now the reason he is mentioned in this lottery article is that he actually had some good luck as well. In 2003 he won £600,000 from his local lottery that he says was his first attempt at playing a lottery. Not a bad way to end an unlucky streak of events over the years and so far, nothing further has happened with his rides on buses or planes or in his car. We’ll keep our fingers crossed with that one and hope he can now lead a much less dangerous life.

Michael Carroll:  A Quick Guide on How Not To Spend Your Fortune

Here we have a lottery win that started out as a success story but ended up having a winner that couldn’t deal with becoming so rich so quickly. Michael Carroll won a fabulous £9.7 million on the UK National Lottery. He bought a lottery ticket with his last £4 and won an amount that could’ve changed his life for the better. Instead of making his life better in the way most people would consider, he went on a decade long downward spiral by spending his money prostitutes, drugs and bailouts. His wife, who was pregnant at the time, divorced him not long after his lottery win due to his many infidelities as he started a life of alcohol infused partying with many different women with drugs served up on silver platters. It was said that he was using around £2000’s worth of cocaine every day and his home was known to everyone as an orgy Mecca where he slept with as many as eight different women a night.

The rock n roll lifestyle of wrecking houses and properties and cars was a routine played out every day. So what happened to him once the money ran out? He now delivers logs for a living at £10 per hour living a now peaceful life but not regretting a single day of his debauched lifestyle or where he spent his money. Each to their own we suppose but it was a shame he didn’t have more self control and invested at least some of his money.

Carl Atwood: A Win That Didn’t Last

Carl Atwood’s lottery story is not a very long one. He seemed to be a normal everyday lottery winner where he wins the lottery and gets his prize money so he could possibly do something special with it. In 2004, fate had other plans for him after he won $57,000 on a television lottery game show in Indiana, USA. About two hours after the show wrapped up, Carl got struck and knocked down by a pickup truck on his way to the grocery store where he purchased his winning lottery ticket. Unfortunately he didn’t make it after passing away at the local hospital. It was a really sad turn of events if ever there was one.

Kevin Hatcher: Making Bad Decisions Can Cost You

In 1995, Kevin Hatcher, an 18 year old man from Kent, had to make what was possibly a life changing decision. He had to decide whether to invest 50 pence into a lottery syndicate just before that day’s draw or spend it on a pint of beer he was craving for. The beer was too tempting and so his friend Paul took his place in the lottery syndicate that day. Paul won £900,000 which was his share of the £2.7 million winnings, right under Kevin’s nose who of course regretted the bad decision of buying the beer instead of investing in the syndicate that day. Not long after, members of the syndicate were deciding what new car to buy and where to go on holiday abroad while Kevin was still scraping up enough to buy himself a pint of beer. It was very unfortunate for Kevin making that bad decision.

Charles Jackson: A Fortune Cookie’s Numbers Win a Multi-Million Dollar Lottery

We actually arrive at a real lottery success story where a happy North Carolina grandfather, Charles Jackson, who never ever imagined in his wildest dreams he would become a multi millionaire thanks to a fortune cookie that his granddaughter bought for him while at a local Vietnamese restaurant. He used the numbers from inside the fortune cookie on a USA Powerball ticket he bought and the numbers came up showing he’d won.

At first, he thought he’d won $50,000 but later found out he’d actually won the huge jackpot of $344.6 million. He opted to take the lump sum payment which was a very nice $233 million and said he would spend some of the money on his family and give to charity as well. Just imagine the joy he must have felt winning such an amazing amount of money all from that little fortune cookie his granddaughter gave him.

William Post: Money Problems After Winning a Lottery

This last story is pretty crazy and almost unbelievable where William Post won $16.2 million in 1988. He became bankrupt in a very short time after his win. It wasn’t just a case of his bad decision making skills but rather from the awful and greedy members of his family and so called friends.

His dreadful brother actually hired a hitman to take out William and his wife so he could inherit the winnings. Other members of his family were deceitful by making him put money into their restaurant which ended up swallowing up quite a chunk of the prize money. Then his landlord tricked him into stealing some of it. He was also arrested for pulling a gun and firing at a debt collector. It turned out very sad for a man whose life was already tough to begin with. The moral of his story is to take professional advice when winning large sums of money.

What Can We Learn From These Lottery Winner Stories?

Winning any lottery is all about luck and it may just fall into your lap one day provided you keep playing of course. Then there is trying to deal with a huge amount of money that will either make you or break you depending on whether you make any foolish decisions with the winnings or not. Try not to become a crazy winner that gets it all wrong. It’s best for you not to be on that list.

Get Yourself a Financial Advisor:

This is very important and should be one of the very first things you do, especially if you don’t have a background in finance. These professional people can give you an expert opinion on what are the best ways to approach your newly acquired sum of money. It’s best to make sure to find a person with proper credentials and a legitimate background.

Invest Sensibly:

Once again, if you want to invest your millions, find a reputable broker who can steer you in the right direction and hopefully increase your money over time. Do a lot of research on what broker may suit you and can show you the way to safe blue chip investments.

It’s Time You Should Travel the World:

Travel is a wonderful way to get away from the pressures of your new house and car and investments. Being on a tropical island in the Pacific or Indian oceans far away from home can revitalise your soul and help you reboot your life into the new changes you will experience with your new found wealth. Once home, you’ll have a clearer head where the foggy mindset of dealing with winning the lottery will be refreshed.

Try Having Your Own Business:

It won’t be too long after winning the lottery, after your new house and car purchases that you may find that you’d like to get your teeth into a business of your own. We all have that one thing we’d do if we could finance it properly and once you have lottery cash, you can do anything you like. If you find it isn’t working out, you can always retire and leave that sort of thing to others.

Donate Some Money To Charity:

When you have won such a huge amount of money, it means lady luck has looked after you and allowed you to improve your life. So a lot of lottery winners like to donate some of their money to various charities. This will enable you to help others who are not so lucky in life and need a hand up to help them improve their lives. A little bit of your lady luck can be passed on to the less fortunate.

Make Sure You Don’t Overspend:

Even though you have won many millions, be sure to not overspend your money as it’s quite amazing just how fast your original sum of money can shrink if you get too tempted by so many things you can buy. A balanced lifestyle will keep your bank balance very healthy. If you blow all your cash too quickly, you will find it very hard to go back and work for someone to make a living. Rather let your money work for you.

Summary of Crazy Lottery Stories:

We hope that we have given a bit of an insight to the lives of various lottery winners and losers and that it has given you a bit more of a ‘feel’ about what happens after winning a huge amount of money and its effects on people. Some can handle the money well and go on and even increase their massive winnings and make their bank accounts even fuller. Others just plod on through life frugally as they want to pass on their wealth to the next generation. Then there are those like Michael Carroll that win and then go off the rails until they have frittered away their money and end up with nothing. Many lessons to be learned from this article we hope. It’s a bit of lottery history that we can all learn from should our lucky numbers match those tumbling balls.

Good luck and have fun when playing.

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