The Magical Lottery Mystery Tour

Hubble bubble toil and trouble it’s time you used a bit of fairy magic to help you win a lottery jackpot. Some people don’t believe in magic and others have experienced a magical existence throughout their lives without even knowing it.

magical lottery luck In our experience magic and good luck have always been intertwined whether it’s the magical luck of the Irish brought to us by the Leprechaun or many other Celtic rituals that bring much luck to families and friends over the centuries. Many say it is only a coincidence or being in the right place at the right time but we believe you can nudge these things a little to favour yourselves.

We’re not suggesting that you have a big pot on the boil hung on a tripod over an open fire to add all kinds of strange ingredients to achieve a positive result, just a firm belief that you can win a gigantic multi-million dollar jackpot by using a bit of positive thought backed up by a large dose of good luc .

Even so, we have found the odd person that promotes this kind of magic quite seriously where it is heavily influenced by Celtic ancestry which directs the ‘luck of the Irish’ towards you. They say you may try to win the lottery jackpot over one hundred times but still can’t seem to win and that their lottery spells and rituals can help you win. They say that ‘good luck spell casting’ will bring you positivity and good luck into your life and improve your fortune and will enhance your luck and odds of winning games of chance like the lottery.

Apparently your luck can improve even more when you cast your lucky lottery spell under the next full or new moon using items and materials that are supercharged by the moon’s power. The power of the planets and universe have magical effects on us all when you bear in mind that we are all just stardust that have been put together for our little bit of time among the stars. It’s all very mysterious yet draws our interest almost daily. If we are being observed and our luck handed to us according to the good ways we conduct our lives, then there may be some truth in what has been written here today.

We just don’t know the answer about the way luck affects us all and when we will be the receiver of good luck in a high enough dose to allow us to win a massive lottery jackpot on the UK Lottery or Mega Millions. Are we pre-ordained to win a lottery jackpot or is it all down to luck that seems to be under the control of little green men from Ireland or fairies at the bottom of the garden?

What we do know is that the only real chance of getting our hands on one of these elusive huge jackpots is if we play religiously week in and week out until that magical day when all our lives alignments, hopes and dreams finally arrives with a massive lottery jackpot prize win and our lives are changed forever.

That will be where the real magic lies when we have a newly swollen bank account containing millions of dollars that will give us the freedom to do anything we wish and be able to pay for it without batting an eyelid. Money is the magical thing that we can use to turn our lives into that life of unimaginable luxury we always dreamed about when buying our lottery tickets.

We wish you all the luck in the world.

Don’t forget to buy those lottery tickets as you know you have to be in it to win it.

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