You Can't Buy A Good Reputation

Maintaining a positive reputation is the cornerstone of success in your business and personal life. When your reputation is exceptional, life-altering goals are that much easier to achieve. But it doesn’t happen overnight. You’ll have to build yours and preserve its essence throughout the trials and tribulations you may encounter in the business world, or in your personal life. Once you have built a stellar reputation, such as the one found in the UK Lotto for its regularly handsome jackpot prizes, the benefits will become known to you in more ways you can anticipate.

And what is built and nurtured over an extended amount of time can be lost in a second. In the case of a social faux pas that could damage a careful built positive reputation, be thankful it’s only your acquaintances that will bear witness to the embarrassment. When you’re in the limelight for a significant lottery windfall, the situation is slightly different. The reputation of a lottery winner, of course, becomes known by more than the fair share of the public – and in some of these tales there’s no going back from the level of embarrassment achieved!

Had these lottery winners only listened to the sound advice of Dale Carnegie, author of How To Win Friends and Influence People, they could have avoided the unfortunate event of losing a good reputation after a fortunate lottery win. According to Carnegie, establishing a positive reputation is “the essence of leadership.” And when you lead, you need to cultivate a sense of trust. And to cultivate a sense of trust requires a solid demonstration of your trustworthiness. How does one achieve this? Think about others’ interests and how to assist them in pursuing them. “In terms of a business environment and corporate leadership, it would be helping people be successful. That really builds trust,” says Peter Handal, CEO of Dale Carnegie Training.

But the National UK Lottery winner of a very generous £2.8million back in 1995 was only focused on helping himself, which perhaps was what lead to his financial and personal downfall. Or maybe it was what he focused on – a massage parlour, nightclub, pub and pop music venue which all failed, and possibly the most embarrassing of all, a marriage to a topless model less than half his age, also ending after merely three months. Michael Antonucci didn’t practise the valuable action of following through with his business ideas, another significant hindrance to a positive reputation.

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A second aspect of building your strong reputation is to show you care. Callie Rogers, the 16-year-old who scooped the prize of a lifetime in 2003, showed her care a tad too much about winning a seemingly endless £1.9 million in the UK Lotto. She lavished gifts upon her friends and boyfriend, hosted parties and luxury holidays and even had a couple of children in the process, blowing the entire amount in just a few short years. Rogers could have used Carnegie’s advice and found simpler ways to show her care by simply praising her friends and boyfriend when she felt they deserved it.

But we’re sure the construction worker who won the Mega Millions lottery jackpot didn’t receive much praise for his work – because after cashing in on the lottery syndicate winnings Americo Lopes quit his job on the pretence that he required foot surgery. But it was human nature that allowed this man to claim a multimillion-dollar prize on the sly and in turn human nature that caused his own demise, after admitting his transgressions to a friend in the syndicate in a moment of guilt months after the event.

As these stories display, money can't buy a good reputation. But if managed properly, a lottery windfall can play a significant role in maintaining a lifestyle that leads to a lifelong stellar reputation.

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