Bowling For UK Lotto Wins In Hartlepool

A group of very lucky and passionate lottery players have managed to strike it lucky with their syndicate. The team comes from Hartlepool in North East England. The players are all amateur bowlers, but have been bowling together this week more often now that their winning UK Lotto ticket has made them £38,000 richer each. Read more for the full story and the latest UK Lotto results online for the most recent draw to have taken place. 

The bowling syndicate consists of nine players who call themselves “The League Bowlers”. The players managed to match five main numbers along with the bonus ball in the UK Lotto draw that was held on Saturday, the 8th of May 2015. Their win qualified them into the second prize tier with a sum of £343,643 as their Jackpot prize. In this syndicate, seven play for the Mill House Bowls Club in Hartlepool. These seven discovered their lotto win a day after the draw after the syndicate leader and bowls club steward Philip Quinn checked the tickets against the winning numbers. 

Happy winners

The steward, Mr. Quinn, is 70-years-old. His wife, Ann, is 66. They, along with seven other players have been playing the lotto as a syndicate together since the year 1994. This current win is the biggest sum they have won to date. The group felt over the moon after they heard they had won a big prize with the UK Lotto. Mr. Quinn said to himself, “I just can’t believe it!”

“As soon as it was confirmed, I called everyone to let them know. Some of the lads were that shocked by the good news that they had to take the rest of the day of!” said Mr. Quinn to lottery officials as he explained the moment he was able to share the wonderful news with his playing syndicate.

It was Mr. and Mrs. Quinn who took charge of making the claim. They were the ones who told lottery officials that they became very protective of the winnings ticket, knowing how much it was worth and how much it would change their lives. Mrs. Quinn would hide the ticket under her pillow when they went to sleep. The UK Lotto winners however admitted, “I don’t think we slept for worrying we’d lose it!” The happy syndicate members all plan to spend their newfound wealth in unique ways. When asked how they would like to spend it, there was a clear trend amongst the syndicate players regarding what they are wanting to do with their UK Lotto winnings. 

Bowling Club

Mark Squirrel is a member of the lucky syndicate. He has already booked his flight to go and visit his brother in Australia. The other UK Lotto winners also plan to use their prize money to travel, unlike a recent syndicate group win from Cork, in Ireland who all made plans to spend their EuroMillions Plus winnings on home improvements and clearing their mortgages. 

Congratulations to the winners! We wish them health and happiness for the upcoming future. For the latest UK Lotto results online, continue reading. 

UK Lotto

Lucky Numbers

UK Lotto Results

These results above are from the draw date of May 23rd, 2015. 

There were no Jackpot winners to take home the prize sum of £10, 400, 00.00, however, it just so happened that four lucky players managed to get themselves into the second prize tier. These players had to match five of the main numbers plus the Bonus number. They each went home £102,165.00 richer. 

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